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Metaphysical Experiences and Miraculous Moments

Metaphysical Experiences and Miraculous Moments

A Story by Micheal Teal

this is not a story but a collection of thoughts


it is at that moment when we awaken spiritually that we begin to change our destiny and light our world with metaphysical experiences and miraculous moments.

I have given up more than once only to be inspired by the resilience of a woman, I have fallen more than once only to be lifted up by the innocence of a child. I have died inside more than once only to be resurrected by the kindness of a stranger. I have learned from these experiences and walked my path with grace and dignity while sharing with others the truth and beauty of resilience, innocence and kindness.

with divine grace set out on this day to shape a destiny of love and light in which you blossom and flourish as you share the beauty within.

I am spiritually directed and divinely guided to embrace the blessing that is life with wholeness of heart and a sincere desire to weave a sacred web of love.

I am passionately committed to being a good man. every day I am bombarded by the media with images and stories of madmen who do nothing but diminish, disgrace, defile and destroy others. every day I witness mans inhumanity and overwhelming desire to win at all costs. I am compassionately committed to being a better man.

ask not advice from a psychic. seek not wisdom from a medium. look not for guidance from a guru. instead talk to a child. there is wisdom in innocence. I have learned more about spirit in ten years as a stay at home dad then I ever did in decades of spirit work. my son wakes up every morning and says today is going to be a good day. my son goes to bed each night and says today was a good day. I will venture out on this summers morn and I will pick up sticks, throw stones, step in puddles, chase a butterfly, pet a puppy, dance for no reason, break into song, laugh at my own jokes and love who I am. today is going to be a good day.

to live with purpose and love with meaning is to enjoy who you are by consciously creating a path that you can be proud of.

I was living a life well spent when I realized that it shouldn't cost anything so I put my money away and began to live a life well loved.

I believe in the power within you. I believe in your strength. I celebrate your courage. I believe in the goodness of your heart. I embrace the beauty of your sacred essence. I honor the truth of who you are. I believe in you. I love you. thank you for being you.

I was having a problem in school and didn't like the mark I got and when I asked the teacher about it they cared not for my struggles. I said at nine years old - you are paid to be here, this is your job, if any one of us is doing poorly then you haven't done your job. you need to work harder. I was in school and they were teaching us that we were all gods children while showing us that those of different beliefs were wrong and not deserving of heaven. I told the priest when I was twelve that they were hypocritical and harmful. I was working in a place where the men and women had the same job but the men were classified as labor and the women clerical. one morning our foreman said we are going to post any mistakes made by clerical on the big message board and after three mistakes you will be docked pay. I raised my hand and said you can't do that its a human rights violation. he began to speak and I said shut your face, go into your office and call your boss. he went in and five minutes later he came out and said we have decided against posting the mistakes. we are always being told to say yes to life. the truth is that not only is it good to say no - sometimes its also necessary.

I was being who I am which inspired others to be who they are and together we created a community of love minded souls who spend their days being the divinely beautiful free spirits they were born to be.

it was while igniting my passions that I saw within the flames my greatest gifts and was moved to pursue a higher purpose.

I hope you are aware of your beauty. I hope you are aware of your goodness. I hope you are aware of the light within. I hope you are aware of the spirits around you. I hope you are aware of the miracles in your life. I hope you are aware for true awareness answers our questions and reveals our truths. I hope you are aware of the glory of your existence.

positive personal transformation comes from positive personal thoughts and positive personal actions that manifest positive personal results.

I was doing a radio show many years ago and when it was over a fan of the show sent me a burned copy of it. they did so because usually this show skewered psychics but they loved me. you see when they would ask things like what do you say to people who say psychic powers aren't real. I would respond okay. then I would explain that I do not want people to follow me. I do not care if people believe me. I am not looking to convert anyone. this is who I am and I am happy with who I am. so while others would argue and try to prove themselves I would just tell my truth in my own way no matter how people perceived it. my honesty and the fact that I wasn't trying to sell anybody anything endeared me to the hosts and the public. be who you are unapologetically. those who falter are those who fear criticism and condemnation. I know who I am and I embrace that with faith not fear.

may yours be a self healing journey of love in which you use the light within to ease your suffering and dress your wounds as you blossom into an ethereal existence of higher purpose.

we are cosmic dust and we have within us celestial energies which reveal themselves when we believe fully in the miracle of who we are.

I was living in Hamilton about twenty years ago when an old country German woman came to me for a reading. I told her how I did things and she was wary because she liked the way everybody else did things. I did the reading my way. the whole time she was focused on the standard way people do these things. I didn't budge. when it was over she once again expressed her concerns and bid adieu. a few weeks later I get a knock on my door. it is her. she came by to apologize and to thank me. it seemed that during those few weeks things I had said resonated with her. also thoughts and feelings that were positive unfolded and certain realities revealed themselves. she gave me a hug and I reciprocated. I am here to share with you messages from spirit and to offer counsel. if you want someone to tell you your dogs name when you were six or give you lottery numbers thats not me. I plant seeds and sometimes they need a bit to grow. you have to water them. the lady was a believer after that and sent others my way.

MicHEAL Teal 
The Ancient One

© 2019 Micheal Teal

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Added on September 5, 2019
Last Updated on September 5, 2019
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Micheal Teal
Micheal Teal


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