Thoughts on Isolation, Separation and Covid

Thoughts on Isolation, Separation and Covid

A Story by Micheal Teal

a series of random thoughts on what we are all going through.


conspiracy theories, political rhetoric and social injustice oh my. I saw that the illuminati was talking to an ancient cabal about world domination one day when they were joined by a secret society who brought the blueprints for a new world order. then I woke up only to realize I wasn’t asleep after all I was just watching the news. I think this morning I will watch the sunrise as I bathe in waters of common sense.

it is scary when you see, hear and experience utter madness that people accept as wisdom and leadership. it is frightening when you are exposed to hatred, anger, lies and manipulation that people take as truth and inspiration. it is heartbreaking when something destructive that is blatantly obvious is viewed by people as a cause to be cherished and celebrated. it is scary, frightening and heartbreaking to watch this happen before our very eyes and know that it will as it has in the past happen again and again and again and again and again and again…

isolation has helped me see more clearly what is truly important to me. it has provided me with awareness, growing insight and greater spiritual depth. it has taught me lessons that will help me build a better future. I will emerge from this safer, stronger, smarter and secure in the knowledge that I will do my best to be my best. I will emerge from this happier and healthier. I will emerge from this…

if we are paying attention then this time of struggle has been filled with lessons that will benefit us in times to come. we are now more aware of what we truly need, we know who are real friends are, we know who truly cares for us and who only care for themselves, we know who, where and what to avoid, we know who are grounded and who are insane, we know how to survive, we know that we are strong and we know that we are loved. we know all this and much much more. the lessons are countless and we are courageous. look, listen and learn. class is in session.

I saw somebody not wearing a mask today so I stepped to the side and let them pass, I saw somebody wearing a mask today so I stepped to the side and let them pass, I heard somebody say that this was all a conspiracy and I said nothing and went on my way, I heard somebody say this was an act of nature and I said nothing and went on my way. we each have our own reality and while mine may differ from yours I know that you like me are not only trying to survive but also trying to do whats best for yourself and your loved ones. so because of that I make an effort to mind my own business and let you mind yours. that way when this is all over we can sit and talk about the good things in our lives. be well. be happy…

for me the hard part of this crisis has been peoples inability to differentiate fact from fiction. before all of this we could see certain truths and we avoided them but now we embrace them. we used to be able to see the forest and the trees and now we only see shadowy figures lurking in the bushes. there was a time when we walked our path with common sense and now we walk it with conspiracy as our guide. there was a time when good people were good and bad people were bad but now its seems that all people are simply crazy and confused. I think today I will sit quietly and read a book. I think today I will go for a walk in nature. I think today I will listen not to others but to the sacred beat of my own heart. I think I will put this situation in its place and move forward in a positive direction. blessings of love to all. I hope you find your happiness.

I think conspiracy theorists are themselves creating conspiracies. I think the illuminati are not being illuminating but are being quite naughty. I think that the judgemental are close to being found guilty themselves. I think the extreme left and the extreme right haven't actually left and have never done a damn thing right. I think therefore I am and I think I am blessed to be none of the above.

I have tried during this crisis to conduct myself each day in a way that will make for a better tomorrow. I have made it my path, purpose and intention to reach beyond my boundaries and rise above my struggles. I with crystal clarity have listened to my heart, soul and spirit. I have done all this and learned that the love I have in my life is vast and limitless. times have been tough but they have made me stronger by reminding me of just how blessed I am.

somebody told me to take off my mask that it wasn't necessary and I said thank you for sharing have a nice day, somebody walked up to me with a sign and asked me to join their protest and I said I hope you and yours are doing well, somebody approached me and gave me a pamphlet that promoted their favourite politician and I said may you have joy in your heart and somebody told me that their god was the real and and that I should follow him and I said love is bountiful and I am blessed. every day we come across people whose opinions are vastly different from ours. we can choose to debate, condemn, criticize, judge, argue, fight or flee. we can also choose to listen and then continue on our chosen path. we are all fighting the same battle. I may not agree with you and some days it all may be too much but if we are too survive we need to be able to move beyond our self imposed boundaries into a brave new world of kindness, compassion, hope, awareness, understanding and love.

during times of struggle I listen not to the media, not to politicians and not to those who are inconvenienced more than they are victims. who I listen to are the ones who are sick, suffering and dying for they have a knowledge that I do not. I listen not to conspiracy theorists or internet trolls. I listen to sincere kind compassionate people. I never presume to tell somebody I know what they are going through when I have not suffered as they have suffered. so during this pandemic I have made a point to listen to the voices of those who have lost loved ones and those who are dying themselves. I am sending love and light to all who are suffering. you are loved.

I don't have the energy to listen to conspiracy theories, I don't have the patience to follow the ramblings of dictatorial malcontents and I don't have any reason to lead my life according to a media gone mad. what I do have is kindness, compassion and common sense which I patiently listen to every day because they fill me with positive energy.

sometimes we so badly to want believe in something that we blind ourselves to the truth. if you met someone who cheated on their spouse over and over would you invite them into your home, if you encountered someone who said hateful racist things would you follow their lead, if you encountered someone who was blatantly homophobic would you join them in their march and if you met a self proclaimed messiah would you drink the Kool aid. what would you do in those situations. I know what I would do. I would do what I have always done and ask myself one simple question - is this a person I want around my wife and son. the answer to that question is what has kept me safe, secure, happy and healthy.

no news is good news. sounds simple. what else would we be better without. no criticism, no judgement, no anger, no hatred, no prejudice, no madness, no media, no manipulation, no looting, no littering, no ignorance, no intolerance, no injustice, no rudeness, no crudeness, no politics, no insensitivity and no inclination to be hurtful to anyone ever. just say no.

it seems we spend so much time ranting these days. we are constantly criticizing what everybody else does. we are commenting negatively on other peoples actions and opinions. it seems we are always looking to place blame. the funny thing is we all want the same thing. we just want to be happy. so today I will not utter an unkind word. I will mind my own business. I will not raise my voice in anger. I will smile more and cry less. I will do my very best to be my very best. I will be happy.

I can do this. I have seen much worse, I have suffered much worse, I have stood on the ledge of life wanting to jump, I have been lost and alone, I have managed to get scars on my scars and through it all I have not only survived but found myself immersed in a life of light and love that I can be proud of. so I am making my way through this current crisis with a smile on my soul and the knowledge that I will emerge wiser and happier.

MicHEAL Teal 
The Ancient One 

© 2020 Micheal Teal

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Added on September 7, 2020
Last Updated on September 7, 2020
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