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As I walked up the old wooden stairs.I could hear my little girl giggling as my husband tickled her in our bedroom. I walked into the doorway and watched as she screamed and giggled while my husband was roaring, "Beware the Tickle Monster! Roar!!"


I laughed,"I think its time for Tickle Monster and his victim to go to bed." I leaned against the white door frame and watched the two stop playing and look at me


"Mommy just a few more minutes." My daughter pouted


"Yeah mommy just a few more minutes." My husband whined.


I gave them serious look and shook my head. My husband sighed and said,"I guess its time for me to go nighty night. But first I need my goodnight kiss from my princess." My husband said with a smirk.


My daughter laughed and kissed him on the cheek.


"Good night daddy." She said sweetly


"Good night sweet pea." He replied. It was easy to see how much love my husband had for our daughter.


I kissed him before I left to tuck my princess to bed. She walked into her pink painted room. She jumped onto her bed and slipped under the covers.


"Mommy tell me a story." my daughter asks quietly after I tucked her unicorn comforter over her small body.


"Of course honey. What you want hear. Goldilocks? Red riding hood?" I asked as I sat beside her and stroked her hair.


"No. The story about you and your friends."


I thought for a moment thinking. I smiled and said," I have the perfect story for you."


Her eyes widened."Is it an action or is it a love story?" She questioned


"It's both." I said with a smile.


"Oh! Please tell me mommy! "She untanlged herself from the blankets and began jumping on the bed.


I laughed," Okay. Okay. Now settle down." I paused and looked at my daughter who was looking down at me with her blue eyes. I smiled and thought just like my husband's. I pulled her down playfully and held her tightly to me. I opened the covers once again and got in with her.


"Mommy!" She squealed. I could tell she really wanted to hear the story.


"Oh, yeah. Okay so you know how people say the world is going to end. Well it almost did." I said as I remembered the details.


My daughter gasped, "What happened."


"Well you won't believe me when I tell you." I stated



"Yes, I will mommy!" She pouted and stuggled out of my grasp and sat up, crossing her arms.



I smiled," Well, it was caused by a war between two groups of supernatural beings."



"What are supernatural beings, mommy?" She asked. Curiousity filled her eyes. I looked at her and saw a little bit of myself. I was finally going to tell my daughter the truth about us.

© 2013 The Fallen

Author's Note

The Fallen
I shall not reveal who the parents are! That is yours to predict!

Who do you think the parents are?
What do you think of the daughter?
What do you think of it all?

The Fallen and The Invisable Girl.

The chapters will be out whenever we get around to working on them together xD

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Ooo this is good!! Well done!! ;) I cannot wait for the story!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

The Fallen

8 Years Ago

Hehe thank you!!!!!
I think this will be a very interesting story, and can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

The Fallen

8 Years Ago

Thank you. We are currently discussing the next chapter
Dark Rider

8 Years Ago

You're welcome. :)

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