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The black feathers surround me, floating in the air like a balloon. The dried up blood on my arm, began to fall off , causing my arm to begin bleeding again. I winced as the wind brushed up against my many cuts on my leg. I looked around, on my guard as always. A shadowy figure ran across the alley, right back into the building shadows. I pulled out my rifle and held it in front of me, waiting.

Remember when your parents wouldn't allow you outside after dark? This is the reason why. At night the Superiors would allow the younger Fallen Angels to lurk around, preying on anything and anybody that dare roam around the dark. I knew I was different, and they wouldn't dare kill me. What would they do? Well they would drag me, kicking and screaming to the centre district. The one district that holds all of the other districts together.

The shadowy figure moves again, coming closer. I grin, I have been waiting to face a Fallen Angel my whole life, it's what I have trained for.

“Aurora Page..” The shadow's voice is raspy and harsh. His hand sticks out from the shadows, revealing his long, sharp fingernails. “Since your father refuses to join us, we need you.” It said. I watched as it stepped out from the dark, looking at me with it's grey eyes. I got ready to press the trigger, but something then pulled back. I did not scream, instead I kicked back my leg. The arms release me, and I spun around facing my opponent. A pale skinned, red headed girl. She smiled, showing her perfectly white teeth. I  was well aware that the creatures of the night, were surrounding me. I bit my lip and hoped I had a chance.

The girl lunged for me, holding her hands out in front of her. I grabbed her wrist and threw her to the ground. She groaned. The other figure looked at me from the shadows, snarling.

“Come at me.” I challenged. He leaped out of the shadows. His black hair fell over his grey eyes. I once again hold my rifle out in front of me, pulling the trigger. The bullet hit him in the chest, but it would only stop him for a few minutes, never would it kill him. I took in a deep breath, and took off down the alley, hoping to make it home or somewhere safe before they regained consciousness.

By now my legs and arms were covered in blood. Strength, intelligence, and speed was nothing to me now, ever since I discovered my difference.

“As much as it pains me to say it..You must be killed.” I looked to the right, a man with blue hair and navy blue eyes stood there, with a shot gun. My jaw dropped open, and I spun around ready to run when the trigger was pressed and before I knew it I was on the ground coughing up blood.

I sat up in my maroon painted room, breathing heavily. I had been having dreams like that for the past few months. I never looked to much into it, because then I might worry myself. But I was 18 years old now, and I was one of the people who were different. The Division is suppose to take away teenagers when they turn the age of 15, meaning I have been running of them for about 3 years. So once they find out about me , I will become the biggest target in the Eastern District.

The Division is created of one supernatural, some of us fear. Fallen Angels. When you are taken there, you are offered a place, a place to become Immortal, if they believe you have something special. Unique. Different. Many turn down this offer because of how much you lose from it. The rules on becoming immortal? Never seeing your family again, and always working for The Division. But because you need to have something special to become immortal, if you deny it they kill you right then and there or keep you in captivity . Tragic isn't it? That is what happened to my father, he is either dead or in captivity like a caged animal until he chooses to side with them. If they do not believe you are different, they make you work. 12 hours a day, whether it may be going out on the field and collecting the newly turned 16 year old teens, or working in the buildings and district doing whatever you are ordered to do by the superiors.

I never understood what it meant to be different, until a few years ago before my father was taken from me. He told me only a few families had a difference, meaning something special about them. I asked him what was so different about him and I, and he just laughed. He told me I was meant to find out my own difference on my own, alone. That was the last thing he told me before the Fallen Angel's came and took him away. He didn't fight, though he could have. Even though I did not know what was so different about me, I knew what was different about him he was able to manipulate time, fix the past and make it right in the future. Once the Fallen Angel's found out about that, he was immediately taken.

A orange light flickered outside, I pulled the blankets off me and stood up. I walked over to the window, A few boys were throwing matches on the house across the street. I narrowed my eyes, I noticed the upside down V scar on their backs. Fallen Angels. New Fallen Angels no less. My mind kept back tracking to the one thing this could mean, they know I am here and they know I am alive. And they will not rest until I am found. I only came to this conclusion because they have been in my neighbour hood, patrolling for roughly two weeks, not once coming to my house.

I have been waiting for my one chance to flee this place, to never be in this town again. For to many memories are held here, and to many people who were once close to me were taken away. They were now the monsters we once feared, and had terrible night mares about. Though without those monsters lurking around, I would have never became what I am now known as in this town.


It means to do something with a lot of heart, pure energy, soul or spirit. My mom thinks my powers might be connected to necromancy, physic powers, cold flames or Ky attacks. It's possible, anything is possible but if I was to have that kind of difference, I would be a bigger target than expected. I lowered myself back down on my bed, and sighed softly. My door opened, and closed instantly.

“I believe they have found out about you.” My mother said softly.

“It wouldn't surprise me, I should have left a year ago. I would have made it to the Rebellion for sure.” I replied. The rebellion is a place in the North district, where a group of teenagers have gathered to go against the Fallen Angels, they refuse to be taken.

“You will be safe with them..” My mom whispered. I looked at her, raising a blonde brow.

“What?” I asked.

“I think you need to go, and now before they surround the house. Please, Aurora I just want you to be safe.” My mom placed her hands on my shoulder, and looked into my green eyes. I bit my lip, and sighed. She was right.

“Will you be alright?” I asked, She smiled softly.

“Yes, I will be. You on the other hand, I am more worried about.” She said sadly, I could see in her eyes that watching me go was going to be the hardest thing in her life, knowing I may not ever return again.

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The Fallen
Just an opening chapter..
Anything really..

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There was only one punctuation error I could find...other than that I really enjoyed your chapter!

What inspired you to write 'Aurora Page' as her name? Just curious :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Your work is inspired from Mangas and Animes. I maybe wrong but it gives a strong Mangaish feeling, loved it. I like your story.

Can you please my book, Urchin R Kane. Any input would be really helpful.

Posted 10 Years Ago

WOW!!! I am hooked!! I love the idea and how you have created it!! XD Well done :) Please send me r/r's??? and i will read your chapters as woon as i can :) WELL DONE!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

The Fallen

11 Years Ago

Thanks and will do:3
Great opening, it really sets up the story. I have a feeling the Fallen Angels are the immortal Different, but I'll just have to keep reading to find out, won't I? The Fallen Angels have alpha (as in the greek letter) scars, interesting concept. I love the way you depicted the Fallen Angels lurking in the shadows of the main character's dream. Nicely done overall.

You might want to consider revising:

That was the last thing he told me before the Fallen Angel's came and took him away-->Fallen Angels, no possessive 's'.

A orange light flickered outside-->An orange light flickered outside; an before phonetic vowels.

Again, nice chapter, I look forward to more!

Posted 11 Years Ago

The Fallen

11 Years Ago

Thank you
Writer #00

11 Years Ago

Thou art welcome.
I love this chapter! It really opens up the world we're about to delve into. I'm hooked!!! :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

The Fallen

11 Years Ago

:3 I am glad you liked it! :D
Felicity's Eve

11 Years Ago

I like this as a first chapter; it really sets the scene and gives some insight to Aurora's situation without revealing too much. There were a few grammar mistakes and occasionally you shift from present to past tense, but I love the action-packed beginning. Nice work - I definitely want to read more :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

The Fallen

11 Years Ago

Thank you :D
Not bad. Check your grammar and be careful to avoid passivity. You have a good concept and your writing is for the most part technically correct, but you do have a tendency to slip a little here and there. I'd make sure you're aware of what the characters want and how they intend to achieve that as you move forward. Good start.

Posted 11 Years Ago

The Fallen

11 Years Ago


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