Chapter 11- Destiny & Ash

Chapter 11- Destiny & Ash

A Chapter by The Fallen




The wind hit my face, Ash soared through the sky quickly to keep up with Shane. I was still in shock, unable to make myself move or speak. I just listened to Ash's heartbeat, and the occasional conversation he and Shane had.

“Where are we going anyway?” Ash asked, the beating of his wings pounded against my ears.

“We will know when we get there.” Shane replied.

“Honey, it's getting dark and I'm hungry.” Sophie's voice echoed through the air. Ash's cool amber eyes watched me.

“And once she wakes up I will be burnt.” Ash added to the conversation.

“Okay we will rest here for the night.” Shane said, I felt Ash's wings slow down. His feet landed on the ground gently, and Sophie jumped off Shane's back. Ash set me down on the grass. Sophie walked towards me.

“You okay, Destiny?” She asked. I wanted to shake my head, and whisper the words 'I don't know' but I still had no control over my movements. Why would Andrei kiss me?!

“She can hear you, though I doubt she will reply. She is still in shock, and is trying to figure out what just happened.” Ash chuckled softly.

Sophie sighed, “Oh okay.” She walked away from me to stand beside Shane.

“Hopefully Silas and Andrei will find us.” Shane said.

“Silas will.” I whispered, sitting myself up. My mind was still processing the thoughts of the recent events.

“How?” Sophie asked. I heard Ash's quiet laughter behind me. I knew Silas, and I knew our bond was stronger then anything I had ever known. He would find me no matter what stood in his way, I just hoped he was alright.

“He is linked to me.” I pulled my knees to my chest.”No matter where I am, Silas will find me.”

“So kind of like your mate?” Sophie asked, settling down in front of a tree, leaning her back against it casually.

“Oh gosh no!! Ew.” I said, completely disgusted by the thought. “Ash is also linked to me, but not in that way!” I said.

“Woah, sorry I used the term mate, I kind of got use to it since that is what werewolves call it when they are linked or connected mentally to another.” Sophie explained. I nodded slightly.

“Wait! What is wrong with being my mate!” Ash asked, his voice raising just above a yell.

“You disgust me.” I replied simply. Shane and Sophie laughed. Ash crossed his arms, and frowned.

“It isn't funny!” He exclaimed. Shane rose up to his full wolf form, and Sophie smiled proudly at him.

“You guys hungry?” He asked. Ash nodded eagerly. I sighed and looked at the sky.

“No..I'm not quite hungry right now.” I muttered. Every time people who were important to me were possibly in danger I lost my appetite, until Silas returned safely, I was pretty sure I was going to go food-less unless Ash forced me to eat.

“Oh okay then. I'm going to hunt for food and could you guys start building a fire while I'm gone? If anything happens to me or you guys, just howl. Sophie dear, you know what to do.” Shane said, looking at us.

“Yeah, but before I do that I'll shoot at them!” Sophie said, then she looked around and sighed. “ I left my bow and arrows back at the cabin.” She said in disappointment.

“I'll get stuff for a fire!” Ash said, before scavenging around for branches.

“You'll be fine, Ash will be here. Plus I won't be far.” Shane said, pressing his forehead against her's then quickly ran off. Sophie laughed quietly, but then the laugh faded as she walked off to look for sticks.

“I think they are close.” I whispered.

“Who?” Sophie asked.

“The boys.” I smiled softly. Shane walked back in with three bunnies in his jaw, he placed them on the ground and looked up at us.

“Look at who I found wandering in the woods,” He said. Andrei and Silas appeared beside him.

“We weren't wandering, we were trying to find you guys.” Andrei looked at me, and his cheeks turned crimson.

“What he said.” Silas rolled his eyes. I buried my head in my knees and let out a shaky sigh.

“Not again..” Silas bent down beside me and brushed my hair aside. Shane sighed, and Andrei ran off into the woods. Ash walked in placing a bunch of sticks down on the ground, he looked over at Shane.

“What's with him?” He asked. Sophie and Shane looked at each other, then Shane took off into the forest following Andrei.

“Oh nothing.” Sophie replied. Ash shrugged and continued to build a pyramid out of branches.

“Mind lighting it up for me, Destiny?” He asked. I glared at him, then buried my face in my knees again. Silas walked over to where Ash was and sat down.

I heard Sophie whisper to Ash, “Do you really want to know?” She asked. Ash nodded.


Sophie pulled Ash away from Destiny.

“Okay so werewolves, marry or date differently then humans do.” She explained. Ash raised a brow and looked at her suspiciously. “The males mostly have to find their one and only mate.” She explained.

“Uh..” Ash looked at her dumbfounded.

“Shane and I are mates....Andrei hasn't found his mate yet, though in a weird way he tries not to think of himself as a werewolf he acts just like a ordinary human guy. So when he saw Destiny upset he realized that he was a werewolf.....he can't date Destiny which I guess is good for you and Silas...but he's very...I don't how to put it romantic....sometimes I think he's jealous of me and Shane.” Sophie said simply.

“Okay..So?” Ash crossed his arms.

“Don't you get it! He can't love Destiny! Though he wants to! I can see it!” Sophie rolled her eyes, and placed her hands on her hips.

“Why can't he?” Ash asked.

“I just told you!!! Because he has a true WEREWOLF mate somewhere! It's a disgrace to love another if they aren't your mate” Sophie growled.


Shane and Andrei came back fully clothed. Andrei took a seat beside Sophie, and refused to look at me. “I brought your bow and arrow.” He said, handing them over to her. Shane rummaged through the bag Andrei brought and pulled out a lighter. He walked over to the fire and lit it up, and started gutting the rabbits.

I didn't understand werewolves, nor did I want to anymore. Andrei couldn't just kiss me and expect me to think nothing of it. I kept telling myself he was one of those guys who could get any girl they wanted, but when he kissed me my thoughts about him changed. After going through Ash's thoughts, I knew he couldn't be with me, and for the first time ever I actually felt my heart sink. The heart I thought I had lost a while ago after my mom died.

Silas quickly grabbed my arm and whispered. “When were you going to tell me?”

“Will you stop going through my thoughts.” I whispered.“and It isn't a big deal!” I exclaimed. Andrei pulled out a box of cards.

'Anyone up for a game?” He asked.

“Not to you, nothing ever is.” Silas growled. “and I go through you mind because you never tell me anything anymore!” I could feel the heat radiate off his body.

“Not really.” Ash replied to Andrei. Silas grabbed me and pulled me away.

“Why do you do this?” Silas asked.

“It's who I am!” I replied, pressing my forehead against the bark of the tree, refusing to look at him. I knew that the look in his eyes was something I did not want to see.

“Well then stop it!” Silas growled.

“Oh this isn't going to end well.” Sophie whispered to Shane. Silas made a fist with his hands, I knew he was fighting back the urge to use his powers. My fists combusted into flames without my command

“No! There is no point in getting along with anyone! It never ends well!” I snarled.

“What are you two yelling about?!” Sophie asked. Ash chuckled quietly.

“It sucks you don't know what she is thinking.” Ash snickered. Shane stood up defensively and stared at me.

“Destiny un-light your fists, we do not need anyone getting hurt.” He said.

I Looked back at Shane.” I can't!” My voice lowered down to a whisper. “I never can when I'm like this.”I Looked back at Silas. “ there are reasons why I do not tell you things! Why I do not tell anyone anything, “I whispered “ I can't tell anyone anything without them getting mad.”

“You can tell me. I won't tell anyone!” Sophie said softly.

“I can't! I'm going home, right now..I'm done here.” I pushed Silas out of my way and began walking.

“You aren't going anywhere without me.”Silas barked.

“Yes I am!” I replied without looking back, the fire on my fist slowly extinguished.

“ALL OF YOU JUST SHUT UP!!!!! NO ONE IS GOING ANYWHERE. Destiny you can't go home...there are angels trying to kill you! And Silas leave the girl alone, there is a reason why she can't tell anyone anything...” Andrei paused, then continued. “TRUST!!! That's why we are at this stupid war!!! No one trusts anymore. Now stop all your whining, and lets act civilize and figure out how to stop this darn war!!!” Andrei growled.

I let out a abrupt laugh. “You of all people, Andrei. You are the last person I am ever going to listen to! Figure it all out yourself.” I placed my hands firmly on my hips, attempting to keep my anger down. I never thought I was going to say that to him, I knew I was mad but I was easing into my demon side even more now. I gnawed the inside of my cheek and glared at Andrei, I was completely furious with him.

“You know what I will! I try to stand up for you but all I get is being spit in the want the truth. I'm sorry I kissed you okay!!! I'm sorry you are in this mess! I'm sorry that you have no one to talk to.....but to push the person that is trying to defend you..well that nice. Guess that's why all your friends are scared of you. I'm out of here!” Andrei turned into a wolf and took off into the forest. I watched him go, my heart ached. We were both furious at eachother, but did he really need to bring up the fact that I had barely any friends. Dawn was the only one who stuck through it all, even after I was forced to tell her who I was. I looked at the ground, I never needed to hear people were scared of me from someone else.

“Andrei come back!!!!” Sophie started crying. “I hate this!!! Why can't we ever get along. Andrei!!” She then took off into the forest after Andrei. Shane looked at Ash, Silas and I.

“All we wanted was to help...all we wanted was to help friends...I guess we were meant to be you really care about stopping this war, please let's not argue and do the same thing that our people are doing..but I guess if this is goodbye...than I wish ya'll the best of luck.” Shane followed Sophie into the forest.

“See what you do Destiny! You see!” Silas grabbed my arm again. “First off you allowed yourself to fall for that..that wolf! Second you ruined the only chance you had at stopping the war!” Silas shouted, Flames basically bursting from his eyes.

“ Honestly Destiny, Why do you push people away! I don't understand you!” Ash ran a hand through his hair.

“Because Ash, a demon like me...does not be around people. I JUST WANT TO BE OBLITERATED! I'm done falling for people, then realizing; Oh I cannot be with them. Or the fact that they cannot be with me! Just let Cedric and Argo find me! Let them kill me for what I DIDN'T DO!” tears started streaming down my face. “Everything that is going to happen is going to happen soon! I never wanted you or Silas to come with me! I would have preferred Moonstone or Inferno! THIS IS ALL A MESS!” Sophie appeared behind me.

“Destiny? Don't say you want to die.” She whispered comfortingly.

I turned around to face her, “Don't you see, I already am dead! I am a monster, something un-natural.”

“You aren't a monster.” She said.

“But I am!” I felt my teeth grow sharper, the strands of my hair started to fade into grey and the reflection of my glowing red eyes appeared in Sophie's.

Sophie laughed. “you think that's bad?” Sophie looked up to see the full moon, her bones started to crack and her clothes started to rip, grey fur starts to grow on her body, andher eyes become brighter while her teeth grow sharper. She let out a howl.”you see! I'm a big hairy have it good.”

“Do you possess for pleasure? Get hunted down by many species? Kill for fun? Are your friends scared of you?” I quizzed.

“first off no. I let my wolf take over sometimes...and she does love to kill just for I don't have any friends....just Shane, Andrei and a girl named Catherine but she used to us.” Sophie replied.

“But Shane doesn't count since he's my husband, Andrei my royal guardian, and Catherine is my servant” She added.

“ I have died twice..One more time and I am gone for good. and that is the way I want it..No more harming people, falling in love and getting broken, no more being scared.” I whispered.

“Having a broken heart,that can be mended. But scars of torture and manipulation is never fixed just hidden.” Sophie looked down at the ground.

“You know how wolf's choose mates?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She replied.

“ Demons don't...But our heart isn't to big...We really fall in love once...and it hurts when you know it won't work. Silas and Ash, they are awesome but I can't choose between them, it's hard for my heart to decide. So when it finds someone else, I could possibly be” I screamed in frustration. “If we are to stop this war...Andrei cannot come with Silas and I..” I told her.

“Okay then take Shane.” She gave me a small smile.

“No I couldn't tear you two apart.” I sighed.

“ it's fine, we are still connect mentally. I can speak to him in my mind. Or would you be more satisfy with just Ash and Silas?” She asked.

“Well...” I trailed off.

“She is planning on going off on her own.” Silas finished my thought.

“Are you sure?” Sophie looked at me curiously.

“She will die if she is out there alone!” Silas exclaimed.

“I want Silas and Ash to near if you happen to be in trouble. I will be terribly upset if something bad happens to you.” Sophie looked disappointment.

“They won't be anywhere near me.” I replied.

“Well I'll be right back.” Sophie ran off. I turned around to face Silas and Ash, both looked equally furious.

“You didn't need to tell her!” I crossed my arms, I was angry, I wasn't sure if I was with him or at myself. No matter who I was crossed with, I knew I would become a danger soon enough.

“She deserved to know your plan!” Silas growled. The way he looked at me, was the way any older brother would look at their younger sister if they had done something wrong.

“I'm back!” Sophie waked back into the clearing with Shane trailing behind her. “So Destiny is planning on going off on her own.” She explained to Shane.

“What! Are you sure you want to do that?” Shane looked at me. I nodded slightly.

“She is hoping to get killed!” Silas shut his eyes and shook his head.

“ it's okay Shane . I believe Destiny is strong enough to do this. And if she is going on a suicidal mission than I will personally hunt her butt down and stop her.” Sophie grinned.

“If you didn't remember you cannot smell her.” Ash looked at Sophie and sighed. He looked as if he had completely given up.

“I don't care! I'm going to find her! Suicide is a cowardly thing and I know Destiny is better than that. Destiny is a person! Her life -even if she is a demon- matters” Sophie leaned against a tree. “She is my friend now whether she likes it or not. I trust her...and she will not commit suicide..” She added

“Now, as we decided before the plan is to figure out what our fathers are I talked to destiny and she wants to do this on her Ash and Silas u can either watch Destiny from a distance or help Sophie and I.” Shane said, looking at Silas and Ash. Ash's eyes widened.

Ash laughed nervously. “Watching her from a distance is like a suicide mission.” Silas nodded in agreement,

“I am glad you guys know better.” I said with a smile.

“Well than do you just hang out in the woods and wait for a werewolf or angel to come by or come with Shane and I???” Sophie asked.

“Might as well come with you guys.” Silas said.

“Well then welcome to the werewolf club!” Sophie laughed. “I guess we have some wolf hunting to do.” She stated.

“I guess so.” Ash smiled playfully. I rolled my eyes, shoving my hands in my pockets I began to walk.

“Do you want to join us?” Sophie asked.

“Thanks for the offer, but I have a horse, phoenix waiting for me. That is if I make it back.” I replied.

“Well then good luck!” I could hear the smile in Sophie's voice.

“Thanks.” I sighed. I just needed someone to talk things over with, mostly Moonstone. I knew he knew exactly what was going on right this moment. And I knew that he was going to make things better if I made it back to the underworld without getting attacked. I could hear Andrei yelling at himself in the distance. I ran my tongue along my teeth, they were slowly become regular human teeth again, though that didn't change the fact that my inner demon had most of the control over me right now. My combat boots combusted into flames, leaving a trail of scorched grass behind me. I growled under my breath and grabbed a tree trunk, easily ripping it out of the ground. I threw it behind me and continued walking, wondering what my inner demon was going to do to burn out my anger.


“Come on boys! Were going wolf hunting!” Sophie said, as she took off after Shane.

“What's up with Andrei?” Ash asked.

“he trying to figure out his feelings, I guess. He hates letting people down. Especially what happen with Vlad.” Sophie shivered. Shane growled under his breath.

“Oh..” Ash replied.

“It's a long story.” Sophie said.

“Alright, no need for an explanation.” Silas replied. Sophie smiled weakly, then froze. “What?” Silas asked.

“Shush!” Sophie said. “Don't you see him, the wolf by the stream?” She asked. Silas craned his neck around to look over. He nodded slightly.

“Don't worry it's not a werewolf just a normal if I was only in my human form I could have shot him right now...but I guess I have to do it the difficult way..Now watch and learn boys!” Sophie hunched down and waited for the wolf to bend down to drink water. She crept slowly toward the wolf than she took off in a run after it and launched at his neck. She bit down on his neck, and he let out a sharp painful howl. He threw Sophie off and turned to face her head on. They walked around in circles, growling and snapping at each other. Soon the wolf charged at her. The wolf bit her ankle, causing Sophie to fall to the ground. She started to whine, but Shane stayed put. The wolf walked over to Sophie and placed a paw on Sophie's chest, pinning her down. Silas looked over at Shane.

“Aren't you going to help her?!” He asked.

“Wait!” He exclaimed.

The wolf growls in Sophie's face than throws his head in the air to howl. which was exposed his neck. And in a split second Sophie bit down on his neck and breaks through his skin. The wolf howled in surprise and started to whine. Sophie held on and let the wolf go limp in her mouth. She spat the wolf out and look at Silas and ash for a response. “And that is how you kill a werewolf!” She said. “Now which one of you boys is going to become this wolf?” She asked. Silas pushed Ash towards her.

“He is!” Silas took a step back. Ash looked at Silas in surprise.

“Congratulations! Follow me.” Sophie laughed. Ash reluctantly followed her. Sophie bit off the fur and laid it on the ground. “Heres the fun part, you are going to have to wear that fur, or have it in your pocket.

“The only thing I can think of..Is Destiny reaction to this if she were here...But ew....” Ash looked at the fur in disgust.

“Either you wear it to smell like a wolf or get chewed up by one. Your choice.” Sophie told him.

“Alright I'll wear it!” Ash said, still with a look of disgust on his face.

Shane laughed, “Good choice.”

“Now we must find a wolf for Silas.” Sophie said.

“Awesome, can't wait.” Silas said sarcastically.

“Let's go!” Sophie said.

“Okay.” Silas shoved his hands in his pockets.

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Destiny is acting crazy!!!! Why is she going off on her own?!?!?! I sense some shenanigans a foot! Poor Ash and Silas, always getting the emotional beat down...I feel bad for Silas...finding out that she has feelings for Andrei...then I feel bad for Destiny and Andrei because they like each other but can't be together.....I'm feeling sad!!!! DX

But this was amazing!!!! So emotional and definitely some drama brewing in the group! Can not wait to see what happens next!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Fallen

9 Years Ago

XD Destiny is always crazy...but never has she gone off in her own. I think trouble is comin!!
.. read more
Bella Luna

9 Years Ago

All these poor boys! hehe But Ash was a big part of this chapter...and I likes it!!! XD
OMG really intense! I hope Destiny doesn't hurt herself and I really feel bad for Andrei... :/

Awesome chapter. I like your writing style! :D

Can't wait for the next one.... >:)

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Fallen

9 Years Ago

Haha thankss
Felicity's Eve

9 Years Ago


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