I'm Awake. I'm Alive

I'm Awake. I'm Alive

A Story by The Fallen

Wolves :3


I'm Awake..

I laid in the flowers, their white colour began to glow within the moons light. Lunar flowers. I know this well. Their smell was something indescribable, but it made sense, as a wolf I was somehow drawn to them. Hoping they would lead me to safety.

Their beauty, the glowing flowers put me in a trance the moment I had laid eyes on them. I had searched for them for years on end, not believing they had disappeared from the face of the earth.

I'm Alive..

I should have died, I never expected to make it this far. I also never expected to make friends with the ones who chose to come on this journey with me. Their bodies lay around me, forming a protective circle over the one they called their Alpha. I was not an alpha, I never planned for any of this. Things changed from when I met them all. I refused to be a human, afraid to lose my pride as a wolf..

You breathe into me..

They said they would live for me forever, they would protect me at any cost because this was my journey to begin with. I slowly raised my head from the flowers and looked around. To my right was a grey wolf, the toughest out of them all....Though he did not believe in the flowers at first, and he was a jerk to begin with, only one of the wolves grew close to him. The tiny brown wolf. They laid closely together, as if they were brothers. Though a few gunshots took them both down..

The tiny brown wolf though being the runt of the pack, could do anything he set his mind to. The grey wolf looked out for him, but he never needed us to watch over him. He proved that when he took down a creature not even I could take down. I never planned for the deaths, but I was told that in order to make it here, I had to lose everything that was close to me.

It's getting harder to stay awake, and my strength is fading fast.

To my left, was a bigger brown wolf with it's head resting on the black wolfs back. Blood covered their coats. They had made a promise before we were attacked, they promised to stay together, and if one died...The other would as well. They were both taken down by a half wolf half human, Something not normal, and before he could even smell the Lunar flowers he was burnt to a crisp. How? I have no clue.

The sweet lullaby of the lunar flowers flowed through the air, trying to pull me back into the deep slumber I was once in. The world had ended, and I would remain here until it was reborn.

In the dark, I can feel you in my sleep. Forever I will give you my heart.

I struggled to stand up, my legs threatened to give in. I staggered forward, making my way to the pond of dreams. Looking back at my pack, I knew they were dead, or in a deep sleep and they would never awaken. Though we had made it in here, we were frozen in time.

Blood from my wounds dripped onto the white flowers, staining them with my sacrifices. Everything I did was to protect my pack, but it was them who protected me. None of them were afraid to die. They saw what they wanted to see, they got to the place where we were destined to go.

The clear blue water, was beginning to get ruined by the crimson blood from the humans who dared to follow us. They died, their bodies were thrown into the pond by my pack, they were not worthy to see the world only wolves could find.

Flashes of the battle danced in my mind, I wondered why I was the only one alive. Again. Where I use to live, everyone was killed, but me. Everyone I cared about died, yet I was the only one spared. Was I fated to be alone? Cause it surely felt like it. Why I bothered to get close to others was beyond me, because anyone around me would just get killed.

My pack, the only friends I had made in eighteen years, sacrificed themselves for me. I collapsed by the pond, my front paws dipped into the water, the blood slowly washing off them, cleaning my white fur. I looked into the pond, my painful, sad, yellow, eyes looked back at me. Blood stained my fur. I was alone.

My faith is getting weak, and I feel like giving in.

Forever I will stay here, forever I will live for my pack. I'm awake. I'm alive, but maybe it's time that I die.

© 2013 The Fallen

Author's Note

The Fallen
This was inspired by Wolf's Rain.
It is not the same as the anime, not at all...But the wolves are. :3

I listened to I'm Awake and I'm Alive by Skillet while writing this :3

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thats deep but sounds great:)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wow! This is worded perfectly leaving suspense! You should check out my story! I think it was called "I never knew." It's the only story I created. I normally don't read books online but I might be willing to give yours a try!

Posted 8 Years Ago

OMG!!! The emotion.. the imagery... the words in italic... BRILLINA XD


Posted 9 Years Ago

The Fallen

9 Years Ago

:D thank you

9 Years Ago

Welcome :D
I LOVE that anime, LOVE that song, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this writing! :D


Posted 9 Years Ago

The Fallen

9 Years Ago

Thankss :D
Felicity's Eve

9 Years Ago


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The Fallen
The Fallen


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