A Chapter by The Fallen

When the Fallen disappears, where will Aurora go?


Alpha. Beta. Gamma. Delta. Epsilon. Digamma. Zeta. Eta. Theta.

I continued to recite the Greek alphabet in my head, attempting to calm my nerves. Did it work? Heck no! The fallen angel rummaged around in the drawers, prying through all private information my mother may have kept within them. I tried recalling any of the training my father may have taught me, but right when I needed it most, nothing came to mind.

Iota. Kappa. Lambda. Mu. Nu. Xi. Omicron. Pi. Rho.

I peered around the corner once more, my hand tightened around my rifle, I waited for the right moment to shoot it. I bit my lip, he seemed harmless, If he wanted to harm me then he would have continued looking around the house. But there he was, looking through the many papers. I narrowed my eyes at the crumpled up paper he now held in his hand, it was a photograph of my father and I. The fallen quickly folded the photo up and shoved it in his pocket. I looked him over a few times, he didn't look to old, roughly 18 or 19 years of age. But then again who knows how long he was that old.

He took a look around before shutting the drawer. Pressing my back up against the wall to prevent from being seen, I brushed my blond hair out of my eyes.

“Where you may be, Difference, Make no mistake we shall find you. When we do, prepare to be killed immediately.” The fallen's voice boomed. I squeezed my eyes shut, tensing my muscles. Why did he call me difference? I do have a name..

“Make no mistake, I will kill you all.” I whispered, knowing there was no way he could hear me. The wind came into the hallway through the cracks in the walls, sending a shiver down my spine. I looked back to where the fallen was, but he was now gone. I looked around warily, then took a step out from the hallway. He was defiantly gone, but that didn't mean I was out of the clear. I sighed, why must they always retreat before I had the chance to kill them, was I being to hesitant? What was I possibly afraid of!? I'm..afraid of getting killed. I told myself.

I walked out of the front door, the house across the street was burning down, but the Fallen angels who had done this had vanished. I pulled the hood of the cloak over my hair, and lowered my gaze, careful not to let anyone know I had left the safety of my house after three years. Within those three years I remained in my room, safe and protected. Everyone had thought I had left town, no one had a clue as to where I was, which was a good thing but I was lonely and I did not know what had happened while I was locked up. The children's laughter within the streets were no longer heard, no music dared to be played and no one walked the street. I sighed, so much had changed while I was 'away'.

I jogged down the empty, silent, streets. The sun began to set, leaving many colours within the sky painting the most beautifulest picture I had ever seen in my life. There was only one problem, when the sun sets the night comes, and in the night the Fallen's lurk. I picked up the speeds, my combat boots pounded against the cracked pavement, Soon I was in the forest, the road was no longer beneath me, all there was, was a dirt path way leading to the next town over. I sighed, and looked back to the sky. Roughly an hour or so until complete darkness, and I needed to find a place to stay for the night or else I was done for. I could take on one, maybe two, Fallen Angels but never a whole group of them.

As I was beginning to think I wasn't going to find anywhere to stay, a white fox trotted up to me, sniffing my cloak hesitantly. Suddenly it began to bark.

“Shh! I'm not the enemy!” I hissed at the fox. As I continued to try to shut the fox up, and arrow came out of now where, just barely missing my forehead. I stumbled backward, placing my hand on a tree to regain my balance. The white fox scurried off in the direction where the arrow came from. I growled and followed it slowly.

The fox sat down beside a boy with golden- brown hair, it sort of looked like a caramel colour in the final sun rays of the day. He held his bow at his side and stroked his fox's ear, his green eyes looked up at me in surprise. “You..You're a girl.” He furrowed his brow and looked down at the fox. “I said find a Fallen angel, not a girl!”

“And you're a boy. What about it?” I asked him, taking a cautious step forward.

“Most girls do not tend to wander from their towns.” He said, giving me a strange look. I pulled my cloak around me, as it flew around me when the wind blew.

“Well I am not like most girls.” I rolled my eyes. He shook his head and picked up his bag.

“I can see that. Where are you headed?” He asked. I bit my lip, my father always told me to always be on guard and to never give up valuable information unless it is necessary. But this boy could help me get away from my town, and get me to safety.

“Well right now, I need to find a place to rest for the night. But I am on my way to join the rebellion.” I explained.

“Hm, I am on my way there to. Along with two other people. Would you like to join us?” He took a step towards me. His green cloak hung by his sides, and was draped over his shoulders.

“Perhaps.” I replied, my eyes locked on his fox.

“I'm Leif, and this,” He gestured to his fox. “Is Maddock.” He smiled, revealing his perfect, white teeth.

I sighed, “I am Aurora. Nice to meet you.”

© 2013 The Fallen

Author's Note

The Fallen
Short chapter. But LETS WELCOME LEIF :D

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GAHHH!!!! Okay.. so i fell behind.. but i went and started from the beguinning... You have started this story really well. Its well paced and really detailed :D Well done!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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The Fallen
The Fallen


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