Little Boy

Little Boy

A Poem by ColseJ

A poem about th atomic bomb dropping. It's name Little Boy

Little Boy
Little Boy, Little Boy
Come let's fly across the sea
Mommy and daddy are making us leave
And telling us to bring nothing else except all mans fear

Little Boy, Little Boy
It's time to play, come lets go come on out
It's time to finally touch the ground
Mommy and daddy said it's almost complete
Whatever that may mean

Little Boy, Little Boy
Let's dance through the air
Let's twist and let's turn
Let's whistle and let's whine
Mommy and daddy are scared, come let's see why

Little Boy, Little Boy
Where did you go?
Why is there nothing around but shadows and debris?

Little Boy, Little Boy
Where can you be?
Why did you ever leave me?

Little Boy, Little Boy
Please come home
Why did we ever go out and play?
You are now lost and I am alone

Little Boy, Little Boy
Mommy and daddy are back but seem not to care
You are still gone and they have moved on

Little Boy, Little Boy
I am now older
And I have learned where you have gone
You are not lost you went where you were meant to be

Little Boy, Little Boy
You are now famous and every one knows your name
You made it possible for what we became

Little Boy, Little boy
You are still gone
I now see you caused that debris
And everyone around saw you touch down
You brought them with you to where you were meant to be

© 2015 ColseJ

Author's Note

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Added on December 10, 2015
Last Updated on December 10, 2015