Only You

Only You

A Poem by Iz

I love when what I dream
comes to pass
Not asking for fairytales
but I do want happily ever after
I want to know that the one I'm with
is the one that was made just for me
the one that when eyes either open or close
it is me that they see or want to see
that no matter the number of trivial or petty fights
we still can't get enough of each other
our love and life not based on sex
but on our enjoyment of
each other's company and character
we know that no matter what happens
the other will always have our 6

I just want to know that no matter what
you are the only one I'll be with
it doesn't scare or terrorfy me
pure love washes over me
you are not secretly yearning for another
I make you happier than
all of your wildest dreams combined

years down the road
I help you into your rocker
we sit for hours on the porch
watching the sunset and the stars twinkle
a lifetime of happiness and love
we've had something that not many find
reaching over to take your hand in mine
lacing our fingers
perfect fit as they've always been
you turn my hand over palm up
placing a feather light kiss
looking into the windows to our souls
there's a tear where it shouldn't be
oh baby, don't cry
mine tear-up and threaten to fall

you tell me how much you love me
so very happy that we met
decided to take the chance
that forever changed our life
but it was for the better
we didn't always have perfect moments
but we are and always have been
perfectly fitted together
you comment about our descendants beauty
hoping and praying they find
half of our happiness and love

I try to figure out where this is leading
just what are you talking about

you just tell me you've been thinking
I shrug and kiss you with all my heart

going to bed
you to your side and me mine
no matter the sides
we always end in love's embrace

during the night
I awake with a realization
there's something wrong
the world is not right
reaching for you to see if you felt it too
my worst fears come true
there's no movement
no air, no sound, no heartbeat
mine's pounding in my ears
then it too stops
clutching my chest I fall into your arms

my last thought
I couldn't go on without you
you were my world
without you there's nothing left
loved you with all that I am
I'll die where I've always felt safest
in your arms where I always found love

© 2009 Iz

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Added on May 27, 2009



Terlingua, TX

I'm just a novice writer. Just because you love to do something doesn't mean you always should. I love writing poetry, but I would love to have y'alls comments on my poetry and everything else. Whi.. more..

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