Opened Eyes

Opened Eyes

A Poem by Iz

you'll always return to me
you may have a million women
but they will never satisfy you
longer than a little while
because you and I are meant to be
we always have been
for me your arms will ache
for me your heart will continue to break
your mind will always replay our time together
because even though you are stubborn
every fiber of your being knows
what I'm telling you is true

you can fight it for as long as you like
but I am the only woman that will make you whole
the only one to complete that hole
that they left when you woke up and they weren't me
they tried to make-up for not being me
they wanted the happily ever after
that belongs to you and me

when you open your eyes and just realize
you will never find another like me
let us take long evening walks
on the beach just holding hands
watch the setting sun
enjoy the multitude of stars
as they slowly appear laying on our backs

just will wait until you realize
that you are the one
that is wasting precious time
we could be sharing time
where we could grow closer
have that many more memories
have so much more happiness in our lives
because we are two pieces
when put together make a whole

© 2009 Iz

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Added on May 27, 2009



Terlingua, TX

I'm just a novice writer. Just because you love to do something doesn't mean you always should. I love writing poetry, but I would love to have y'alls comments on my poetry and everything else. Whi.. more..

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