Heed My Warnings

Heed My Warnings

A Poem by Iz

fall in love with whom ever you wish
just don't fall in love with me
for my heart's no longer
able to return a lover's love
I've closed it off and hidden it away
behind an unbreachable barrier
for how long we'll see
find yourself someone
who can give wholeheartedly of themselves
just as you are trying to give to me

so don't lose your heart to me
for I'm givinging you a fair warning now
I cannot possibly love you in return
even if I truly want to
do not cause yourself heartache for no reason
do not fight for which will never be won
you are just setting yourself up
to fall and fail needlessly
before you've even begun
because you are not heeding
the warnings of this maiden
you are not listening
to the one that's trying to protect you

these warnings are falling on deaf ears
there are hearts that are breaking
because I cannot give what they want
I cannot give them a love
they so clearly and dearly deserve
cannot love them with every fiber of my being

I've tried in vain to warn them
why do they not listen
why do they just keep causing
themselves more pain
why do they go through it
because they think they are man enough
because their foolish pride
won't let them admit defeat
their pride will cost them
more than their heart and
not just this time but in the future as well

© 2009 Iz

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Wonderful work here

Posted 9 Years Ago

A love not returned can sometime cause one to set up an unbreachable barrier but BEWARE to
the warner, someone will come and penetrate that barrier when you're least expecting it
good write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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2 Reviews
Added on May 29, 2009



Terlingua, TX

I'm just a novice writer. Just because you love to do something doesn't mean you always should. I love writing poetry, but I would love to have y'alls comments on my poetry and everything else. Whi.. more..

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