fucked Up NHS

fucked Up NHS

A Poem by Dawn

Feeling abandoned and rejected by life.
And that anytime you want actual
proper help, from the health system
in your country.

You feel they turn their back on you.
Or just leave you dangling in the air.

Wondering why do I bother, seeking
assistance or aid.

When eventually when someone acknowledges you
. It is just talk
and nothing more.

Going around in the circle.
Meeting nasty folk on telephones
and the same in person. With a
bad attitude and nature.
And here is you with Cancer.
it's not like you just have a common cold.

The NHS is fucked up big time.
Getting to talk to a qualified doctor
is a joke. When all you get is jobs worth
smart a*s a******s who don't know anything.
Bar how to give cheek on the phone. To a
sick person. So you end up suffering in silence at home
. Becaus ofe its all a waste of
your time and energy. How sad and ironic is
that in this modern age of medicine.

Not slagging of the doctors and nurses. It's
 aimed at the a******s on the phone or
switch boards who rule the roost and have
egos the size of moutains. Like they are
God. And decided someone fate if they
live or die. Cheeky b******s the lot of
them. It would not be the case. If it
was them or someone they loved who
was ill. Different story then. I bet.

© 2018 Dawn

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Added on December 15, 2018
Last Updated on December 15, 2018
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