Clock ticking on Past.

Clock ticking on Past.

A Poem by Dawn

Another year another set of problems
or just continuation of last years.

Fear, anxiety, hatred for the future
looms within our grasp.
The 10th Jan is the fateful day.
I am dreading the most.

Either good news or bad news.
I am honestly scared the most for
that very day.

Everyone sitting around you.
Studying you as they tell you.
The outcome.
Doctors, nurses. whoever.
But the waiting does your head
in the most.

Like the ticking of the clock..ticks
on past...

It's okay for others
to sit at home and
say on the phone.
Don't worry everything
will be okay.

How do they know
do they have a crystal ball?

It's okay being upbeat.
But when reality kicks you
in those same nuts.
That is far from nice.

© 2019 Dawn

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good morning Dawn! (i love to say that) Upon Careful examination of your situation in prose please cough....slap on your back (oh i'm sorry is that cold) now bend your knees... (no no, loosely that's it) I would prescribe for you a nice walk in the park and a daily dose of f**k off im scared and pissed off to the phone calls followed by a healthy dose of jesus christ why the hell do you put me thru this s**t! Drink yourself silly till you can't remember what you were upset about pass out in the hallway soiling yourself wearing a shirt that's not yours reading the words a*****e written in lipstick across your chest as you take the shirt off to take a shower and cleanse yourself of the horrible situation at hand. but i'm an idiot and rarely take my own advice for that very reason. My sincere apologies for your situation and i pray all goes well for you this new year good soul that you are!

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on January 1, 2019
Last Updated on January 1, 2019
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