Come on Karma.... Sort Those Nasty Folk Out.

Come on Karma.... Sort Those Nasty Folk Out.

A Poem by Dawn

I have this dear friend
called Maureen
She is a sweetheart,
kind-hearted and decent.
and says what she means.
Pulls no punches.

The sad fact is
she has a neighbour
who is mean to her.

I know we all
are not lucky
to have a
good neighbour.

And some of us,
including me.
Have had bad neighbours.

Who just love to tease
and make your life hell.

For no apparent reason really.
Just because they can upset you
and go out of their way
to do just that
to cause trouble
whenever they can.

Truth be known.
I really can't understand
Why we get people like this
in this world?

Bullies, bad-tempered, nasty, spiteful,
wicked folk.
They take great pleasure
in causing misery
and disharmony
Wherever they go.

But you always feel
as though.
Nasty b*****d in life.
Seem to get away
with everything.
And cruise along
nicely in life no matter

And the nice decent people.
Seem to always
get s**t in their life.

Just wish Karma
would give them  "bad folk"
a dose of their medicine.

To let them know what it's
like to receive it back for a change.

© 2019 Dawn

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Ha, ha, I so relate to this piece Dawn as we live on a small development of 10 homes and we have a very immature and spiteful neighbour on one side and one who thinks he can bully on the other. You capture this nicely and make a very good point.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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2 Years Ago

Cheers John, glad you like it. Dawn.

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1 Review
Added on February 10, 2019
Last Updated on February 10, 2019
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