Memories of Red.

Memories of Red.

A Poem by originalazrael

This was a poem I was told to write using only the color Red, and the song 'Mean' by Taylor swift for a contest. I listened to the lyrics very carefully, and this is what I got.

AUTHORS NOTE: I do not condone rape in any way, however I feel that this story should, if anything, highlight the horrors some people go through.

This is a work of fiction.


As I look my baby girl in the eyes,

I think of the man I'll detest from head to toe.

The one that brought her into this world,

Yet his name I'll never know.


It was when I was younger,

One more month till school was over.

I stopped at the shop to quell my hunger,

Not noticing the man staring from his Landrover.


I decided to take the quick way home,

Saving some time so I could get homework done.

If only I'd realized that I wasn't alone,

Then maybe that alley I would probably just shun.


It wasn't till halfway down when the man grabbed my arm,

He then smiled down at me with a gleam in his eye.

It was then that I knew I should shout an alarm,

Alas, I could not, my mouth was covered by his ally.


"This one's a pretty one!" He decided to blurt,

Then he pulled at my clothing till they came off with a tear.

And leaned right up close, so I could smell the beer on his red shirt,

Grabbing my breasts, "She's got a nice pair."


I was already crying, I wanted him to stop,

But he was going to do it, no matter what.

I looked to the entrance of the alley hoping for a cop,

But knew no-one was coming as I felt his hands on my butt.


I kicked my legs around while he removed my underwear,

And prayed to my god, {i}Oh let someone save me please!{/i},

And knock them right out while they were completely unaware.

But then he said to his friend, "Right, get her down on her knees."


And he slowly unzipped his pants right in front of my eyes,

Dropped them down to his ankles, pulled out his c**k.

Then grabbed my head, pulled me closer despite my cries,

Forced his dick in my mouth, it was too much of a shock.


And as I cried, and he pumped in and out,

His friend removed my bra, and felt me all over.

Eventually he came, with an "Aah" and a shout,

"You'd better swallow that b***h, or I'll make you a rover!"


So I swallowed his stuff, with quite a distaste,

And he whispered to me with a great sense of pride,

"It's really a shame that I've gotta make haste."

And pushed me to the ground, and opened my legs out wide.


I didn't want this man to know it was my first time,

And I could feel the pain rushing through as he slid inside.

I hope this man will eventually pay for his crime,

"This girl is a virgin, she's bleeding like the tide!"


I looked down in horror, for fear of the worst,

And saw the blood trickling from my Vagina,

I closed my eyes tightly, and then he conversed,

"Hey girl, What's your name?" And I replied, "Carolina."


Eventually, it was over, they both had their fun,

And I lay in that alley, blood covered, and alone,

I had to be thankful that I was raped by only one,

And after many long hours, I got up with a groan.


I walked home slowly, naked and torn,

It was late, not a person walked the streets,

At least at home I would not be under scorn,

And when I finally saw my house, my heart thumped heaps.


What do I say to my parents of what happened?

And how do I face my peers down at church?

I knew it was best if I just stayed with my friend,

At least she'd keep it quiet without questions to search.


But it wasn't long after when I found something worse,

Turns out the red shirt man had given me a baby,

The only thing left for me was to leave and traverse,

Find a new place to live without even a maybe.


And so now here I live with my little Scarlet,

A name that means red, so that I never forget,

And yet she'll never know that her mothers a harlot.

She'll sit there and wonder why I'm always upset.


Why I cry myself to sleep every night,

And why I'll never trust men, inside or out.

And I hope she will never experience my plight,

And live her life true, of that, I have no doubt.

© 2011 originalazrael

Author's Note

Please be as harsh as you want. I take on all critique in much the same way as I do compliments. Anything I can learn about my writing would be helpful. Also, please let me know about any and all spelling/grammar mistakes.

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Definitely captures the raw and dark emotions and how most handle a situation like this, sadly. I do have to comment, it might add to the poem and it's perhaps what you were going for, but the "main character" seems detached and distance. But again, given the way she handled the situation, it fits with the tone of the poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

i will personally review this with a message to you in a minute..
this is great, no harsh comments anywhere. this happens in everyday life and most don't tell becaue their scared.. i can relate to this.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This is powerful and gripping. Quite the poetic person a job well done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Perth, Australia

I used to skip English in school because it meant writing essays. Now I want to be an author. Funny how the irony bites you in the a*s. So I have signed on to this website, so that I may improve.. more..


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