Lost in Wonder

Lost in Wonder

A Story by originalazrael

This was made for a contest by Unknown Girl. It was to revolve around a picture. This girl is lost in an unknown world, and must recruit allies for the upcoming war.


This is the picture I was to include. It is the main character of the story, and where we first meet her, after her encounter with the Werewolves. Enjoy.

Who knows where I am now. I had been wandering this forest for days. I hear the singing of a hummingbird in the distance. "Farrely?" The little yellow bird popped out of the trees in front of me. "How did you go?"
"Seems the faeries are on our side." The bird replied. "They tell me the pixies have joined the other side. More fun for them that way. The Elves already have an alliance with the humans, the Satyrs and Dryads are remaining neutral in all this. And I couldn't find any trace of the Nerieds, which means either they've gone into hiding, or they've already been found and something has happened to them. I know they would never join them willingly, though."
"Well, hopefully that will be enough. All we need now is at least someone that can stand up to the giants. And I know just the one. Let's hope he can help. Farrely, can you fly upwards and tell me which direction we need to go to get to the Kings Mountains?" Farelly shoots up into the treetops.

Looking around, I notice that I had sat down on a log near a small lake in the middle of this forest. And yet it seemed almost eerie. Like everything in this forest had decided to abandon it. And yet that would soon be true. A splash. Something was in here. But what? I can't see anything in there. The water is too dark. A sliver of silver. A fish? Maybe Koi? Do they exist in this world? No, it was bigger. Almost....human. Farrely pops out of the trees.
"Bad news."
"What's up?"

I've never seen Wraiths before, but from what I knew of them, I knew not to stick around. Ghost-like beings with rags for clothing, these creatures were born from people that had been tortured to death, and their souls bound to a certain person as slaves. It was horrible, but what it had created was a lot worse. I ran as fast as I could, leaves and bushes whipping at me as I passed. I could hear loud bone-chilling shrieks behind me. Whatever you do, do not look back. Farrely keeps flitting forward, stopping to wait for me to catch up, then forward again. As long as I don't lose track of him, I should be- A tree root coming out of the ground. Maybe I should have also watched where I was going, then I wouldn't trip. I hit the ground hard. I must have hit my head or something, because I passed out next.

I awoke who knows how much later. Am I still in the forest? Yes. The Wraiths? Gone for now. Farrely? Not in sight. So now I'm alone and lost in a dark forest. That's just great. "Are you hurt?" I nearly jumped out of my dress when I heard that. Yet I could not see the source.
"Who's there?"
"A friendly face in a not so friendly place." It is definitely a female voice. Almost elegant. Angelic. Is it an Angel?
"Could you show yourself?"
"I'm afraid I can't do that." That's a little suspicious.
"Why not?"
"Because once you see me, you'll run." Is she afraid that she looks hideous?
"I promise, I won't run."
"Very well, close your eyes." I close them. "Now open." What I saw in front of me almost made me pass out again, and yet I could not turn away. Standing there, was no Angel, but a giant, 20 foot tall spider. Her body gleamed a glossy black, two large fangs protruding from beside her mouth, under several eyes. I walked around her, admiring her charcoal-grey abdomen, her ten magnificent legs.
"Wow. You're so beautiful!" I said with admiration.
"You mean it?"
"Of course. You are amazing!" She looks me over.
"What brings a human like yourself into these woods, in that kind of protection?" She points at my dress with her leading leg.
"Oh, that. This is my wedding dress. I was supposed to get married back home."
"But you did not?"
"No. I got pulled into this place by a man that died protecting me." That memory. That day.
"And yet you wonder into this forest alone?"
"It's a long story, but it involved recruiting forces to fight a war."
"A war?"
"Yes. A war."

"I want to show you something." He held my arm as I climbed the rocks. Once I got to the top of the mountain, I looked out and saw the whole countryside.
"Wow Daniel, It's beautiful!"
"Not as beautiful as you." God that was cheesy. But it worked. I almost turned as red as my hair. He smiled divinely. While he wasn't ruggedly handsome, he did have a certain appeal.
"Over there is Motion City." He pointed to a city surrounding a magnificent castle that sat on top of a floating rock. "Named aptly for the fact that it is always moving. There are two ways to get onto Motion City. Called to a landing plateau by a Guardian, or fly onto it. In some ways it is the safest city in this world. But at the same time, not."
"What do you mean by that?" But it was too late. He was already making his way down to the other side of the hill. Reaching a small ledge on the side of the mountain, I noticed he had already gone a little ahead, seemingly talking to a small stone statue. When I approached, I saw it was about four feet high, with a lions head and goat horns. It had eagles claws for hands, demons wings on its back, and a snakes tail.
"Amber, I'd like you to meet Fyre. He's a Gargula." He motioned to the statue.
"Amber, you say? What a pleasure to meet you." The statue came to life as it said that, a snakelike charm to its voice. "I do hope I'm not being too forward by asking if I could give your hand a kiss?" I looked at Fyre, then back to Daniel.
"Uhh, sure...." Fyre reached out for my hand and kissed it like any gentleman.
"Now, I suppose Motion City?" He then leaned over the edge of the rocks and let out a loud yell. As he did so, it seemed that the floating city changed direction, heading for us.

"No! I will not stand for this! You threaten my people and just expect me to back down? Not on your life!" The king was ferocious. Daniel and I hid on the upper floor balcony, watching the king berate his cloaked visitor down below. "You, Varmei, are the reason why I became king! I will not watch my people subjugated to your whims!"
"I had no need to ask you. I did so merely because it would be less complicated for my plans. Alas, I had hoped for you to reconsider. Well, not to worry. I'll just have to do it the hard way. Disintegrate!" An orange beam shot out from within the mans cloak, and vaporized the king. Varmei then walked up and sat on the throne. "Let our allies know what has happened. The dragons will not appreciate this. Tell them that a new age of war is upon us." Two more cloaked figures from the doorway then moved out of the room.
"This is not good. If he gathers enough allies, the dragons may be defeated. They are our only hope at survival. We need to gather more people to our side, and hope to fight back. It is the only way."

We ran through the city as fast as we could. The Ogres barreled down the street behind us. "Come on Fyre, where are you?" Daniel was looking at the sky. We ran and ran, dodging carts and stalls that were constantly being thrown at us. We were coming up to the castle gates. They were closed. Daniel got there first, and hit the release. The gates swung open, into the air above a forest. "Listen, Amber! Get to the Dragons. Let them know what's going on! You need to stop this war before thousands of people die!"
"I can't do this alone!"
"GO!" Daniel then charged towards the Ogres. As he got close, the lead Ogre swung his club, sending Daniel flying into a nearby wall. He wasn't moving. The Ogres still charged, and not thinking, I jumped through the gates, into the air below. I fell, but was caught by Fyre.
"Need a lift?" I smiled. "I'll take you to the Dragons Den. Hold on!" Fyre flew me over the countryside, but it wasn't long before we were over a forest. "Oh no."
"I hear Wraiths. I'll have to drop you in this forest. It's as close as I can get where I can then lead them away from you. Just head towards Kings Mountains, and you can reach the Dragons Den, okay?" Before I could respond, Fyre dipped through the trees, dropping me onto the ground before taking off again.

I didn't want to tell this spider the story of what happened in the forest. Farrely hadn't returned, so I assumed he was hiding. If this spider was to eat me, then it would be up to him to tell the Dragons. "Kings Mountains? I know a shortcut if you desire that bypasses the Mountains, should you desire."
"No, I need to see someone first."
"Then I shall give you a lift." She bent down on her front legs, so that I could climb onto her back easier. As soon as I was settled, she shot off through the woods with almost Cheetah-like speed. It wasn't long before I reached the mountains. After I got off, she turned to me. "I'm afraid this is as far as I can go. However, I shall spread the word to other Arachnorines. We shall fight with you." And with that, she bolted back into the woods. Once it was clear, Farrely popped out of the trees.
"Eugh, I hate spiders. They are the one creature I cannot stand." I giggled, then walked up to the giant cliff-face.
"KING TEREMAI?" I called. The side of the cliff moved, and I saw a humanoid indent in the cliff where the rocks had moved. The figure that those rocks were made out of spoke, booming and slow.
"My dear Amber. How good it is to see you again. I trust you are well?" The Rock Golem kneeled, placing a hand for me to climb on the ground. Once in his palm, he raised me to his face.
"I have grave news. The warlocks are starting a war. They are summoning creatures from all over to fight for them. If the Dragons aren't alerted, they may be wiped out."
"Oh, that is distressing indeed. I shall carry you to their valley. They attack all who enter, but as an emissary, I have free reign to enter as I please." He gave a deep throaty laugh, and started to walk.
"That isn't all. They have summoned the aid of the Giants and the Cyclopes to their aid. That's why I sought you out first. We need the Golems to counter any Giants that attack."
"I hear you little one, but I am afraid that I don't speak for my people in matters of war. We decide for ourselves if we fight or not. Still, I will pass the word."
"And what about you?"
"I'm afraid I am too old to fight these days."
"Then, you would let the humans suffer?"
"I did not say that. I know of a Golem that lives near the Dwarven mines. Their artillery may come in handy." He then turned his gaze behind me. "King Bahamut! It has been a while." I turned around to see a large black dragon hovering in the air. He then flew onto the shoulder of King Teremai.
"Are you the girl named Amber?"
"I am. How do you know my name?"
"We received word from a friend of the Dragons and a friend of yours. Daniel. He is currently in hiding with Leviathan at the moment, but told us you were coming."
"He's alive?" That news felt so good for me to hear.
"Yes. But I'm afraid there is some bad news as well." He pointed his head to the distance. I turned and saw the flaming ruins of Motion City, lying sideways on the ground, as if it crashed. "Unfortunately, the war has already begun."

© 2011 originalazrael

Author's Note

This is more talk and less action then I'd hoped, but here it is.

Please be as harsh as you want. I take on all critique in much the same way as I do compliments. Anything I can learn about my writing would be helpful. Also, please let me know about any and all spelling/grammar mistakes.

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