A Poem by R J Askew

an espalier is a gardener's framework for growing plants against, often against a protected wall, often fruit trees, the better to encourage their fruitfulness

You glide your hands beneath my shirt
This love of ours knows its way
I hold you by your slender waist
You pull me closer to your need
I am your walled espalier
You hug me tighter as you grow
I stay because its how love is
You feel its potency in me
I kiss your neck because I must
You stay your love upon my need
I feel your Nature growing strong
Because you know I'll never leave
That love has found its way in us
Now we are onefast in its truss

© 2013 R J Askew

Author's Note

R J Askew
pic - wisteria at Kew Gdns

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hi, im quite new on site so havnt done much ,just read some of your writes loved this one ,it drew me in so glad you are writing a new story look forward to reading it kind regards Tracey

Posted 6 Years Ago

and I ask myself, how could one not stay when compelled by such tantalizing lures, and the sense of such belonging.... Held fast and shielded gainst all hurt while breath and mine espalier sustains thee......

All good stuff as always Ron....................................N

Posted 6 Years Ago

4:02 PM U.S. CST
My Review of "Staying Power"
for R J Askew, a fellow Writer's Cafe Author
PB Jacobs (

My Introduction
I forget all about me when I look at the picture you have that goes along with your work, and I see someone who resembles an ambivalent type, not quiet a pessimist, but getting there. I see someone who tries to warm up to people and life, but this person is not quit sure.

I'm pretty much the opposite, and because of this, I get screwed by disorder criminal's and eaten alive by Astral Affective Dependent's. Perhaps you have been through the same thing? I really wonder when I look at the picture you provided.

I still express myself the same way I always do, and I really don't care about being a "follow the follower safety fanatic" type, as I know my bases are covered, either way.

I look at someone like the person in the picture you provided, and I wonder about what the person in it is wondering. I make a big thing out of things like this, as I see one too many people getting screwed by illiterate idiots who don't get reality. Sure, I have staying power, just not the kind you are writing about. Time to see if I can shift gears, to empathize and relate to what you are writing about.

Your Review
Sure, your work has a display of value thing going on, yet I'll never quite know what you mean, as I'm not you, but I do give you credit for telling the online world about it. Does't I detect a bit of enthusiasm going on, and a spark of livelihood? I get your drift, but I don't. Perhaps your work is a one great big mind your own business to the rest of the world, including me.

That's what I get out of this, so, I guess, I'll mind my own business. Your picture and your work add up to this to me, and yes, I just fully realized this about some people. Maybe I am putting words in your work that aren't there, but still, that's what's on my mind, in relation to what I'm reading in your work.

I'm guessing, and only guessing that you'll kind of snivvel about what I'm typing because you have to drop your thought for a different thought, but then again, do you? Mild obscurity can be a selling point and hook, all by itself, but is it?

PB Jacobs

Posted 6 Years Ago

R J Askew

6 Years Ago

Thanks for that PB. A cracking comment. No one else in the decade or so I’ve been on here has link.. read more

6 Years Ago

I don't think it's a fault, as I try to balance administrative writing, a quiet mind, and coordinati.. read more
Romance in full bloom, fed and nurtured from day one. Beautiful write. Valentine

Posted 7 Years Ago

R J Askew

7 Years Ago

Thanks for that! I'd forgotten all about that one!
This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Beautiful flow and rhythm to this; and I love the use of espalier, love needs such assiduous cultivation.


Posted 9 Years Ago

iambic you write sonnets and love poems. good to know you are around. I liked this one. and you prove that love poetry isn't exclusively the sphere of the young.

Posted 9 Years Ago

A very beautiful and deeply romantic poem. It draws the reader in with natures beauty mixed with human love. A splendid write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The combination of security and desire is truly potent... I love it. Short and sweet... Each line carried heavily but sleek manner into the other and growing bolder until I'm close to the edge... And then I fall into the last line.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I love the strength in this..... nature, sigh...... love is really all there is. Beautiful !

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is beautiful lovely story, a great poem. Like the Imagery its very real.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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