Not My Time

Not My Time

A Story by Miss Kay

What I do to distract me..


The air calms me, changing moods beneath my skin. I sigh in wonder, calming down my angry feelings. My hands unwind, clenched before the ground. The dirt grasps my attention, I push myself onto it, pressing my face against my fists, trying to relax into nothing. But time grabs me, I can no longer stay here.

I move to the trees, a canopy opens up before me, and I sit ontop a branch, looking out to a world that appears around me. Green texture brush up against me and a rejoice in a smile, preparing a jump to a higher branch. I grab it, swinging onto the next one in line. I’m so foolish, but I can’t change that, better  make the most of it.

Beyond the hills, I know the freedoms broken. I know I can’t bring my fairytale back there, but I’m here. Water trickeling beside me, air finally breathing in a world I want. Something I see when I look at the city, the ground I imagine under my feet, as I walk down the broken sidewalk. I close my eyes, push myself into the trunk.. I don’t want to leave; go back to the place I hate. I open them, a mountain in front of me. Climb it? Ha ha, I’ll do more than that. Sprint it! I push myself up, beginning to job lightly to the starting line. But smack. Startled, I turn my back on the mountain. Not my time..

© 2009 Miss Kay

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I liked this piece. It has a very soothing, calm feel to it somehow. I think there were a couple of grammatical errors/typos, but I really liked the imagery in it. One thing, though, is that the very ending ("But smack.") kinda confused me. I'm not altogether to sure what happened there. Overall, though, I really did like it. I think it was very well done. :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on July 23, 2009


Miss Kay
Miss Kay

Eugene, OR

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