Interview About the Beginning

Interview About the Beginning

A Story by Shelf G

In which an interviewer is asking how the band knew that Kevin’s relationship with Jessie was different than the rest.


INTERVIEWER: Good evening everyone, and welcome to Insider Spotlight, where we get the behind-the-scenes details of the personal lives of musicians from your favorite bands! This week we’re diving into one of the juiciest stories to hit the tabloids since Britney’s breakdown: the story behind Kevin and Jessie, the most wholesome relationship to hit the music scene in well over a decade. Unfortunately, Kevin himself couldn’t be here with us this evening, but I’ve got his bandmates, Frankie, Rudy, and Carlos with me, and they’re here to set the record straight on their buddy and his woman. Isn’t that right, fellas?

FRANKIE: (laughs) That’s right, June. Thanks for having us on.

INTERVIEWER: The pleasure’s all mine Frankie. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

CARLOS: Let’s do it.

INTERVIEWER: Love your enthusiasm, Carlos! So, Kevin was famously unfaithful before he found Jessie.  What did he do differently that let you know he cared for Jessie more than other women he’d been with?

FRANKIE: He did all sorts of s**t with her that I’d never seen him do for anyone, much less one of the girls he was with.

INTERVIEWER: Could you give some examples?

CARLOS: Somebody drugged her at a party, and he took her home.

INTERVIEWER: Why does this stand out?

RUDY: Normally he doesn’t pay attention to what goes on around him at parties, he’s just focused on himself. But this time, he went with me to get another drink, we hadn’t been there very long, and we saw Jessie. We greeted her, but she seemed really lethargic and out of sorts. He picked up her cup, and there was a flaky residue on the bottom; he showed me. He gave the cup to me and told me to get rid of it, that something was afoot, and he was taking Jessie home. She passed out on the way to the door, so he carried her out to his car and took her home.

INTERVIEWER: And the other guests didn’t even try to stop him from leaving with an unconscious woman?

CARLOS: People at those kinds of functions aren’t exactly saints.

INTERVIEWER: Fair enough. What are some other examples?

FRANKIE: He saved her from being hit by a car.

CARLOS: Whoa, when was this?

FRANKIE: Before we found you. I wasn’t there when it happened, but Kevin told me about it as soon as they got back. They were downtown trying to get the word out about a show, so they were walking down the sidewalk. There wasn’t a lot of traffic, so when this car was gunning the engine behind them, they actually heard it and took notice. I guess it was coming right at them, even mounted the sidewalk, so Kevin acted on instinct and shoved Jessie into the closest alley. The driver wasn’t in their right mind, obviously, so they hit the corners of both adjacent buildings head on. They were lucky that alley couldn’t fit a car.

INTERVIEWER: Someone tried to mow them down in broad daylight?

FRANKIE: Yeah. I’m not sure what happened right after, just that the guy tried to drive away even though his front end was smashed, and they were so dazed that they didn’t get his plate number, so they couldn’t go after him. Based on what Kevin told me, he couldn’t have gotten far, but I guess he got far enough away to avoid getting caught.

INTERVIEWER: It sounds like Kevin was Jessie’s savior on more than one occasion.

RUDY: Yes, but not all their moments were so dangerous.

CARLOS: Yeah, remember the first time she fell asleep at his mom’s house?

FRANKIE: No, honestly not (laughs).

CARLOS: Oh man, I’m not into romance, but that s**t was cute.

INTERVIEWER: What happened?

CARLOS: So, we were all scheduled to meet up at Kevin’s mom’s house to get to work setting up shows and some other logistical stuff, business. We all still had day jobs, so I was burnt out, and everyone else was under a lot of stress. I fell asleep after I got home and forgot to set an alarm, and I guess everyone else got held up. Laura [Kevin’s mother] trusted Jessie and she was out of town, so she told her where they kept the spare key, and to let herself in. So, she was in the house and when nobody showed, she just got to work by herself. I don’t remember what all she got done, but by the time I got there everything had all been sorted. Kevin got there first, after Jessie, and when I was walking up I saw him drape a blanket over the couch through the front window; when I got in he was sitting in the big chair across from the couch just kind of gazing at Jessie, asleep on his parents’ couch.

FRANKIE: Oh yeah, I do kind of remember this. Rudy and I got there at the same time; since he didn’t have a car, I had picked him up.

RUDY: Yeah, we walked in and Jessie was sleeping, and Kevin was just kind of sitting there. Frankie asked what the plan was, and Kevin told us we could go home.

FRANKIE: Jessie had gotten all the work done by herself, so we all left and promised to pitch in something to say thanks. I helped Kevin move her into the spare bedroom before I went home, and he just let her sleep there for the rest of the night.

INTERVIEWER: That was very gracious of him, given all that Jessie seems to have done for you all.

FRANKIE: Yeah, and later he’d actually end up falling asleep with her.

INTERVIEWER: Was that unusual?

CARLOS: Typically, yeah.

RUDY: Usually when he’d get involved with girls, at least on tour, they were only groupies, so it was sort of one and done as soon as he’d gotten them into bed; do what you came for and then leave, that was his philosophy. With Jessie though, it was different. He’d stay with her for hours and fall asleep with her, sometimes without actually taking her to bed, in that sense, at least before they officially got together.

INTERVIEWER: It sounds to me like this was his first true relationship.

FRANKIE: It really was, he’d slept with lots of girls before, but Jessie was the first one he really cared about.

INTERVIEWER: Well, it looks like we’re out of time today, folks. Frankie, Rudy, Carlos, thank you for joining me this evening on Insider Spotlight, and don’t forget to tune in next weekend!

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Author's Note

Shelf G
Notes on how realistic this sounds as a radio show interview would be appreciated. I emulated Daisy Jones and The Six's writing style with this one, since I enjoyed that book and would like to write my own band story someday. I'm almost inept when it comes to making things realistic but interesting simultaneously.

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Added on April 19, 2021
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