A Poem by Sincerely Yours

 I used to wonder why I

Was never good enough for you

And how anyone could feel right

About all the bullshit you put me through


All I ever wanted was to be

The only one you ever loved

And you would be the

Only thing I’d ever need


I walked on eggshells to try

Not to make you upset with me

But I guess I never stepped

Lightly enough because it always

Ended up the same way


Always made me feel like

It was all my fault

Always putting the blame on me

While you were the one who

Destroyed us from the inside out


I guess I was an idiot

Just so oblivious to the games

You were playing with me

And it took me a while

But I finally realized you weren’t

Worth my time


 So I let you go and missed

You so but I knew you

Didn’t want me

And I hurt so badly

But never let you see


All the years and all the tears

I thought would never end

And I finally moved on

And forgot about you and

Here you are again


Telling me you’re a fool

And you love me

And I’m beautiful

All the things I always

Wanted to hear from you


Why I still give you a second

Thought I may never

Know but first loves die hard

This I know to be true


I never wanted anyone

To have such control over

Me but you still

Seem to own me


Enough is enough

And I’m starting to love me

My insecurities may still haunt

But I’m breaking free


You can’t make me feel sorry

For you like you did before

I hate to tell you that

I don’t love you anymore


You may not believe me an

Think I don’t know what I want

Well it’s not you so leave me be

My dear, there was a time when you had me


But not now not ever again,

I deserve much better  than you

Somehow someday I’ll be happy

With someone whose love is true


So call one of your girls

The ones who were once better than me

What happened? Where are they?

Guess they weren’t what you thought them to be



© 2012 Sincerely Yours

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yup, it is not easy to forget your old love
love ur writing

Posted 7 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 9, 2012
Last Updated on December 9, 2012


Sincerely Yours
Sincerely Yours

On the coast of somewhere beautiful, MS

I have been writing since I was about age eight. I began with nursery rhymes and short stories. I even won a writing contest when I was in third grade out of all young writers my age in the state of M.. more..