Playful Creatures

Playful Creatures

A Poem by Patricia

To be in grace

when I was a child, very long ago now,
I played with all manners of creatures
dragonflies, minnows and frogs at the creek of 
reeds and cattails behind my aunts home
in Indiana, a frequent travel for the family
I spent hours with walking sticks from the trees
at one of the many homes we lived in while growing up
and in another childhood home, it was
garter snakes around the shrubs and trees
catching them to scare a friend or two
or watching them hunt and catch prey
I was quite frightened by the mantis though
the way it stood, its eyes and head movements
like they are knowing something of me
honestly, I still am, not even bees sent 
me fleeing into the house, but a mantis,
I ran as fast as I could to my mother
they were interesting and part of our world
free creatures, neither good nor evil,
I understood this even as a little girl
that could barely read or write
I stepped out from the garage today and under
the frame a garter snake was writhing
caught between it and the oily cement
quickly removing my foot he was released, 
and I moved him to the safety of the tree line,
in this, I felt as a child but not only as a child
I felt as a child with goodness again

© 2019 Patricia

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Added on June 14, 2019
Last Updated on June 14, 2019