The Golems of Kradgindnilb

The Golems of Kradgindnilb

A Poem by paari

A sad Ballad depicting the story of a wronged outcast, a proficient master. It shows the various phases of his life, from honor to anger to peace, to death, leaving behind followers.


The Golems of Kradgindnilb

Look like stones,
As hard as bones,
They stare at all
And hear every call.

They lie alone and stare,
Nothing escapes their earthen glare.
They see with their feet,
And eat nothing, veggie or meat.

Like this they were always not,
‘Tis said at a time they fought.
They were neither good, nor evil,
And supported neither God, nor Devil.

They are Angels of God,
Who were touched by the Devil’s rod.
They were like black coal,
But with a heavenly light, they shone.

When the War raged on,
They asked God what was to be done,
But they were of no use to Him,
For their heavenly light had grown dim.

So they left the realms of Heaven and Hell,

And marched on towards a new task;
They stopped not on gong or bell,
And broke nothing, flask or mask.

They walked in silence, strided in single file,
And made no sound as they crossed the Nile.
They did not stop, nor grew weary,
However they may be teary.

Finally they neared the end,
Then God and the Devil tried to make them bend.
Then they fought,
To prove their lot.

Neither stick nor stones,
Could break their bones.
Their eyes were wreathed in Dark Light,
And they clobbered both, orc and knight.

At last the Golems won, 
But their number had been reduced to a dozen more than one.
They unlucky ones then treaded past the Pool of Flame,
And into Thy valley, they came.

And here they have dwelt since,
Even today, for their lost once, they wince.
Their light grows dim even today, 
and with this light, they sealed the Forgotten Way.


They would bask under a thousand moons.
The day brought two suns and scorching afternoons.
They were neither a boon nor a bane,
And have, always since, kept to their own lane.

But in the Ancient times,
They trained their Rhymes,
That echo through the ages,
Robed as grey mages.

For they wanted to know,
Why had their master and his enemy interrupted their flow?
They wondered then and wonder still,
Why had they been stopped when they neared the boundary hill?

The Rhymes roamed all places,
Trying to find clues to the cases.
While the Golems became rock,
Still lamenting for their flock.

The Rhymes searched all over,
And unearthed every cover.
But they did not find the answer to their riddles,
Through all ages, the early, the late, and the middles.

What the secret could have been,
Something probably that the Ancients have seen.
The Rhymes have not found out and maybe never will,
However they roam, through sea, sky or hill.           


© 2015 paari

Author's Note

The poem is like an onion, it has layers of meanings.

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Added on July 5, 2015
Last Updated on July 5, 2015
Tags: golems, Ballad, sad, shadows, ancient



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