The Ultimate Panacea

The Ultimate Panacea

A Poem by paari

A ballad telling us about the true purpose of life and the cure of all poisons.


The True Panacea

Azazael was once a mighty king;
Unseen, unheard of Old.
For his heart, the harps still sing…
The song of the Cold.

One fine day, he fell very ill;
On the verge of death he was.
The healing was slow; he was thought a Kill…
His body was laden with saws.

He had been kind all his life,
Loving and caring was he.
He had forbidden the use of knife,
Plain for the angels to see.

He asked Him for his health to bloom;
But he found nothing in return.
He had been left in the sightless gloom…
But was saved by the alchemist’s turn.

That day, he learnt something:
They, the healers weren’t absolute.
So he packed all his thing,
And left with the flute.

He travelled his realm,
Without shield or helm.
He learnt about their ways;
But every view, ended in a maze.

Finally the alchemist came to him,
Cleared all his doubt.
Azazael started believing in him;
His faith became stout.

The Alchemist became his Master,
And taught him the truth of life:
How the body was just a plaster;
The soul’s purpose was to end all strife.

The shamans were scared,
The false truth was spread.
What lay in the King’s inner…
Nothing but a beast, a monster, God’s sinner.

His name went down,
With him, his crown.

"One must pay for his sin;
He alone or all his kin."

He chose himself and caused joy among thee,
The joy of a lifetime, pure and free.
While he faced the horrors of hell;
Trying to reach his Master’s cell.

Fangs of lies spread around…
The weakness that the shamans had found.

Now, he was the steward of underworld,
The tyrant of shadows.
His dark sword seethed and curled,
Plague finally did strike his foes.

The plague of power, the plague of greed,
taking away their might like a parasite seed.
Finally their race ended, or so it was thought;
Them and the Dark Lord; a ‘Dharamyudh’ was fought.

They went into hiding, ne’er were seen.
and like this, after that day, has always been.
Azazael had indeed kept his kinly promise,
He remembered thee, and will always miss.

He was reminded of the oath he had taken,

That Truthful day,

He knew as his life slipped away...

His master had to awaken

To teach the world life's real way. 



© 2015 paari

Author's Note

God helps those who helps others.

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Added on July 5, 2015
Last Updated on July 5, 2015
Tags: Panacea, Ballad, King, Purpose, Atonement, Truth



Mumbai, India

I am a 12th grader with keen interests in academics, science, football,chess and writing. I am a published author. My book 'The Unknown Realm - War and Beyond' is a science fiction adventure thriller .. more..