let There Be Light

let There Be Light

A Poem by paari

Another Ballad. A story that teaches us the meaning of human being- being human.


Let There Be Light…

Once upon a time,
In a world without rhyme,
Through towns of no chime,
A boy’s faith became sublime.

The boy was as children all,
Jolly, playful, eager to fall
On beds of roses, grasses dewed;
Listen to tales as grandma sewed.

The boy was but deserted,
The night blowing cold.
A moan him alerted,
Found a beast of old.

Its leg was crush’d neath a rock,
It wore a necklace like a lock.
The boy called for help,
But onlookers just did a yelp.

The beast was horrid,
The boy wanting to care.
When the stone had been rid,
Curse uplifted, immerged the king’s heir.

The boy was surprised
As the prince cried,
With tears of joy and hope;
For he knew the boy could cope.

He then led the boy on a tiring trip,
So that he could, his power grip.
On arrival he said,
“I know of a great treasure, laid.”

The boy excited, asked about it.
Found the answer, “In caverns unlit.”
The prince told giving him a map,
“Tread the path of this heavenly quest,
Through a final task, a sacred test.”

The boy followed the map,
Never waiting for a nap.
Around the world he went;
His power, he lent.

He became a man, grew older,
Still walking the road,
He provided to people a shoulder,
Always keeping to the code.

He aided the helpless on his way,
They remember him selfless to this day.
At last, he reached it,
The end, which was where he had started.

The prince met him, opened the lock.
Inside golden letters etched in block:
“Light the way of another,
That is life, my brother.”

The old man, once a boy understood,
He breathed deep, his soul was soothe.
He thought of the lives he had saved,
And great treasures he no longer craved.




© 2015 paari

Author's Note

enjoy the read. Love and compassion are the first words in God's diary.

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Added on July 5, 2015
Last Updated on July 5, 2015
Tags: Ballad, Adventure, Compassion, Treasure, Kingdoms



Mumbai, India

I am a 12th grader with keen interests in academics, science, football,chess and writing. I am a published author. My book 'The Unknown Realm - War and Beyond' is a science fiction adventure thriller .. more..