Rose Red, Snow White

Rose Red, Snow White

A Chapter by R-Violet-

this one is one of the longer ones ill be posting so i hope you enjoy it .


My first love was sadly my only one.
I remember it clear as the night sky.

We whispered sweet nothing to eachother under the moonlight, unveiling ourselves to unseeing eyes.

Not truly seeing how this love will soon come to an abrupt end, with one of us left and the other never to be seen again trapped and guarded.

We were young back then and didn't know any better, thinking that nothing can come between us. But yet sadly we were proven wrong , for the fates had ideas of there own, for you see our love came to easily.

One night as we were walking in a whimsical forest full of light that seemed to part the trees forming safe passage to travel down . We didn't see the Shadows that lurked around us , snarling and grotesque . But when we did it was to late, they rushed at us,
swarming us on all sides. Pushing me away and pulling her down.

They didn't wait for my screams to come, for as soon as they came, they went.

I spend night crying and screaming until my throat was sore. And my days turned dark, full of sorrow and hate .

But yet the world carried on for it is old and does not care for the whishes or wants of a child it's seen to much. but yet it cried with me every night like a veil lifting, showing me that it also too mourns the life taken away from me.

Soon she became a forgotten memory locked away in the deepest parts of my mind never to be visited.

Yet quickly after that I gave up on hope and opened my eyes to the terror of what growing up too quickly can have on a child . How sorrow can transform ones thought and there very being.

Years came and went the world changed but i stayed the same.

Now here I am 13 years later I'm now 18 what happened happened when I was merely 5 barely able to stand on my two feet . Yet here I am back to where it all started in the forest walking down the lighted path now overgrown with weeds and wild flowers . Still it holds that same beauty I had dreamt of all them years ago.

I can feel the wind gently pushing me onwards whispering encouraging words, welcoming me back .

The trees seem to move and sway in such a way that if I hadn't know better I would had said they were to weeping there unshed tears after all these years wanting to show me they too cared to much.

As I'm walking in my hand holds a basket not full of food or other luxurious item that said basket usually held but instead petals rose red petals layer upon layers . And as I'm walking I'm spilling them leaving a trail similar to the way Hansel and Gretel left a trail of bread crumbs to get back home. But unlike them each of the petals I'm spilling hold a memory a regret that I wish to no longer remember.

Memories of a child that grew up to fast of a child who loved a friend, like a sister treasured a younger sibling.
Wanting to let go of the memories that chained me to this life, leaving me no opportunities to live again.

As I'm letting go I'm humming a tune getting louder and louder till I'm singing . Of a girl named snow white named for the snowflakes that shines bright and for the serenity she holds. For our bond was strong and the people couldn't comprehend that and they feared what they don't quite understand.

She called me rose red for the passion I had. But now my heart's full of dread and I fear what my future may bring me, for I stayed in the past for to long now it's time to move forward.

As I move further and further down the winding unending path I can see our memories together when we once where still together attached at the hip one would say. We always walked and some times ran but in this we walked hand in hand. her hair up in two french braids and mine two regular braids. Now I wear my hair down covering my face hiding what I dread to see in the mirror showing me the reason as to why I'm doing this .

For I am a witch and she was a princess to pure for this world and to ethereal to be tainted by my magic .

I can also see how they had taken us away torn us apart two souls that should have never been parted the pain painted on our faces the screams that still echos in the air around me . How the men laughed and sneered at me pulling us away killing a part of eachother that we can't get back.

Now I can see it the tree that we sat in and gossiped about what our future could hold with me having a place in the castle as her adviser and her as a dearly loved queen.

But yet there's something stopping me from going any further .

And there it is I hear my name being called screamed until their throat is raw , and as I turn around I see it's her the girl I so wished to forget crying out for me her hand stretched to their limit towards me begging me to come back to her .

She's so grown up now even more beautiful than when she was a child now she truly looks like a goddess ethereal in all her forms nothing like I imagined her to be, no she's better.

And here she is calling out to me desperately. I'm scared and angry, do I go to her and hold her hand like we did all them years ago only for her to ripped away again , or do I ignore her plea's for me and continue on .

I thought she had forgotten me and moved on made new friends . Yet here she is after all these years .

But I know nothing can go back to how it was all them years ago when we were young and naive . Thinking the world revolved around us .

I've changed and she's changed for better or worse I don't know. I'm now a witch, a healer mainly living in isolation. afraid and angry at the world for ripping away my one true hope and happiness from me. having to grow up to fast in a world that didn't care shunned from society.

And she grew up to be a queen. unknowingly to me endlessly searching for me hoping to right the wrongs. constantly loved by the people always giving, never expecting anything in return. Having her beauty shine threw every crack and crevice in her skin she only got brighter as the years worn me down.

But yet I still reach for her hand pulling her up with a gentle nervous smile unsure on what to do. She takes the lead showing me that she to has her own basket with white petals in .

Joining our hand together mixing up the petals but this time it's not to let go but for hope of what the future brings us hope that we will never again be torn apart.

Our souls slowly healing after so long apart . Our song echoes in the town and villages outside our world that we built. With the promise to never part .

She tells me how the men that took her away were her guards ordered by the Queen mother to make sure we never see eachother again threatened with unending pain if they fail.

How she was locked up in her room for years until she became queen with suitors left and right denying every one of them . Instead spending most of her life looking for me searching, following every rumor she's heard about me.

And I tell her of how I was shunned how her sudden disappearance was blamed on me a young girl . How I lived most of my  days in isolation tending to the woods and forest surrounding us how I cried every night and how the night sky mourned with me. How I wanted to forget about her .

And she listened with her unshed tears apologizing for everything that's happened promising to make it right this time how, the people now understand our relationship how we are sisters not by blood but by a bond one not even magic can make.

And soon we were by the tree reminiscing of the trouble we use to cause around the villages and castle .
Never touching on the day that took us away from eachother.

Now we are here trying to fix a bond that was never ment to be broken. Our souls entwined with one another bound tighter than before never letting go.

© 2019 R-Violet-

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Added on October 12, 2019
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