Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by Palmer Blu

               It has been two decades since I was first brought to this place and I still can’t completely believe where my bloodline has led me. For reasons unexplained my mother had pretended to be human, sparing my brother and me of this hard life on Avianous. It was just so different here compared to being on the ground with the walklings, which is what we referred to the earthbound creatures as. Here everything sung with the breeze and nothing was ever still. The walls seemed alive as ancient magic rushed through their very concrete pores speaking of my people from the dark ages to the present. All the creatures had the ability to fly and there were some that weren’t even supposed to exist that lived amongst the Avians. But strangely it all seemed so natural too, so at home. I belonged here and that notion was undeniable, but part of me felt dead and gone and I had a slight idea why.

                “Master Luka it is time.” Said a husky voice that I recognized belonged to Kristian. He was my head of security. He was the captain of the Royal Guard, which were a team of skilled Avian fighters that were meant to protect the royal family. At this point the people being protected were my brother and I. We were the last of the royal family- the end of the bloodline- and Kristian never forgot to remind of the dangers of going onto the battlefield without an heir to the throne.

                “I will be right there Kristian. Patience is a virtue my old friend.” I replied, smirking at the knowledge that my head of security was tapping his foot and shaking his head at the idea that I was not already prepared for what was ahead. Everything needed to go perfectly today but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong, and I mean horribly wrong.  I grabbed the cloak that I would soon don as the leader of the Avian people and walked out of my quarters. I didn’t stop to greet Kristian but instead said what I had to say as we walked.

                “Is everything ready for the ceremony?” I asked of my captain.

                “Yes my liege, all is ready. Nothing will go wrong today.” Kristian responded with confidence and I didn’t have the courage to tell him that I believed that this statement was false. It didn’t take long before the rest of my Guards joined Kristian and I- surrounding us on all sides to ensure ultimate safety.

                “This is very good and the location of Zahiel at this moment?”

                “Lord Zahiel is moving towards the assembly as we speak. In a matter moments you two shall meet behind the dais and then the ceremony shall start.” Kristian paused for a brief moment. “My liege I have a concern that I feel should be addressed before we move forward.”

                “Speak of what is on your mind my dear Kristian.” I knew what was coming and so I braced myself for what I was expected to be a long lecture.

                “While I doubt we have an attack today, we must still take precautions.” Kristian began fumbling with his fingers.

                “Get to the point Kristian.”

                “When will you take a queen and then produce a heir to the throne. If you insist on-“

                I cut him off mid-sentence. “Yes I know Kristian if I continue to go into battle I need to have a heir to take my place in the event of my untimely death. Trust me you have stressed this so much I basically dream about having this talk every night.”

                “Well my lord, if I may speak out of turn, Captain Kristian has a point. Nothing can threaten the throne more than not having a heir.” Katrina stated with a glance in my direction.

                “Katrina I know the danger that not having an heir places upon the throne and the people. Without a heir the throne would be up for grabs to any being that wished to possess it. Not to mention the complete turmoil and possible war that it may cause. I have thought about a lot of the consequences to not having a heir and so Zahiel shall be the temporary heir until I have one. Does that ease your worry Kristian?”

                “Just a little my liege, but I believe that for now it will do.”  He stated with a look on his face that showed that he wanted to debate the situation and say more than what he had. There was one thing that Kristian was good at and that was having the knowledge to know when I was through with a conversation. He had practically raised me since I had arrived here on Avianous and I appreciated everything that he had done for me. But in a matter of moments I would be the official ruler of this kingdom and I needed everyone, including him, to recognize who and what I was.

© 2011 Palmer Blu

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interesting advancement in the story. however, it seems to me chapter one might have been better as a prologue due to the jump in the storyline. just my opinion so take it for what it's worth. otherwise, i'm intrigued and shall read on

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Palmer Blu

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