Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Palmer Blu

The sound of footsteps echoed throughout the corridor. We had been walking for three minutes and still there was no sign of Zahiel. It was evident that he wanted the throne, but the crest had chosen me. Zahiel had been furious at the Inheritance Ceremony, but for what reason I didn’t understand. What could be so bad about me being crowned the King of Avianous? After a minute or so the guards and I reached the dais and Zahiel was still nowhere to be found.

                “Where is Zahiel? I hope that he doesn’t plan on missing this ceremony.” I stated as I scanned the faces of my guards.

                “No need to fret my dear little brother. I am here.” Zahiel said as he and a smaller group of the Royal Guards arrived. His group bowed to me, paying their respects. “I wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world. It is, after all, the crowning of my little brother as king.”

                “Enough with the sarcasm Zahiel, it is time to start.” I took a deep breath to prepare myself for what was ahead. Lights hit the dais as I stepped in front of the people that I would soon rule. The sound of applause reached my ears and as I stared out at the group gathered before me my nervousness slipped away. These people were ready for a ruler. They needed the guidance of someone with great power and knowledge to help them through this dark time in our history.

                As the crowd went quiet I looked at Kristian and nodded, allowing him to start. He stepped forward and all eyes were on him. “Great people of Avianous, I stand before you on this great day to crown our king. We have waited for this day for over twenty-five years and finally the time has come.” Pausing Kristian scanned the crowd and then continued. “On this day the magic that runs through our veins shall be reawakened. Our feathers will once again ruffle in the breeze as we once more. The power of Avianous shall be restored to us and we will be able to keep the vow that we made many millenniums ago. Now I present to you the King of Avianous, Luka Solaris!”

                Kristian stepped aside and allowed me to take my place at the center of the dais. The crowd erupted into applause as I stood proudly before them. All facial expressions were the same. They were expressions of happiness and hope. I raised my hands and the crowd instantly went silent. For a moment I just stared at my people.

                “Great Avians of the glorious Avianous I am honored to serve as your king. It is an amazing day here today in our great kingdom. For on this day the monarchy has returned.” I waited for the cheers and chants to subside before I continued. “For thousands of years the Royal Family has guided the Avians through times of darkness and times of extreme brightness. The absence of this guidance has left us on the doorstep of war with our brethren in the Shadow Lands. It is times like this that my ancestors, our ancestors, have stood strong and firm. It is my intentions to ensure that this remains true for as long as I reign.

                “The magic that flows through my veins I vow to use to protect, rebuild, and restore Avianous. The knowledge that I have been blessed with I shall use to give our people guidance, wisdom, and inspiration. And you, the people, I intend to encourage, assist, and love as we move forward in our quest to keep our vow to the walklings of this world.” I gestured for Zahiel to join me at center stage. “Here Avianous is my brother, Zahiel Solaris, Prince to the throne.” Zahiel stared at me with shock written all over his face. It was to be expected since we had not discussed this prior to the ceremony.

                “Are you sure about this brother? What about having an heir?” Whispered Zahiel as the people cheered for us.

                “We will discuss it when the time comes.” I whispered back before addressing the people once more. “Now allow us, the Royal Family, to make our vow and accept the powers that are meant for us.”

                Zahiel and I clasped hands and began to speak in unison. “Great Ava, Goddess of Avianous, The Royal Family stands before you once more. Here on this day we pledge our fealty to you great Goddess. Grant us the abilities necessary to guide, protect, and care for this great kingdom we call home. To you we pledge undying loyalty and to the people of Avianous we pledge servitude.”

                As we ended our speech Zahiel and I felt our feet leave the ground. We released each other’s hands as we began to slowly turn in midair. Wings sprouted from our backs reversing the magic that my mom had used to help blend in with the humans. A light began in the pit of my stomach and expanded until I was completely enveloped. The breeze grew into a heavy wind as the magic of the Royal Family was once again restored. Just as quickly as I had found myself in the air I was now back on the ground. Zahiel and I spoke again.

                “We are feathers among the flock. May our wings beat as one!” As I stood with my brother I somehow felt different. I was no longer the Luka that I had grown into. Now I was a true Avian equipped with fully operating wings. But a good moment hardly ever last very long for at that moment there was an explosion among the people. The Avians scurried off in a panic and my eyes immediately started searching for the source of the commotion.

                “Kristian, gather the Avian Guardians!” I shouted as I spread my wings.

                “I will not leave your side!” He shouted back with a look of despair.

                “Kristian, move it now! I order you as king to gather our warriors!” I looked at Kristian briefly waiting for him to question my authority, but he didn’t. He spread his black wings and took to the sky with no further argument.

                “What do we do now Luka?” Zahiel stood beside me, his posture tense and his eyes wondering fiercely.

                “I can answer that one for you young Avian.” Said a voice that sounded so familiar. I looked towards the area where the explosion had happened and there stood the one person that use to give me nightmares. Delano smiled as recognition of him showed on my face. His dark eyes seemed to gleam with joy. For the first time I was glancing upon the face of the man who had killed my mother. His lips were full and covered his perfect white teeth. His nose was slightly crooked and there was a scar under his right eye. Dark black hair swayed in the breeze and wings as red as blood stood open, each father ruffling ever so slightly.

                “What are you doing here Delano?” I asked. Shifting my wings I prepared for what I thought was going to be a fight for sure.

                “I’m here to keep my promise. I vowed one day I would come back for you and your brother. So here I am.” Delano laughed before drawing his sword. “Now let’s make this quick shall we.” The blade shined in the light, displaying every deadly detail. The blade seemed to radiate dark energy. A black orb sat in the hilt.

                I didn’t have a sword or any weapon of my own right now, but I refused to back down. My gaze turned toward Zahiel but he was nowhere to be found. Where did he go? I looked back at Delano just in time to spin to the right to dodge his blade. Delano quickly recovered and then he charged me. I raised my hands and shouted the first thing that came to mind, “Phiera!” Flames erupted from my palms and encircled Delano. He shouted out of frustration.

As Delano flapped his wings and rose into the sky Zahiel returned to my side. “Did you just do that?” He asked as he stared at the circle of flames.

“Yes I did. I figured I would try to use my magic.” I responded as I stared at him. “Where did you go?”

                He handed me a sword. “To grab these.” The sword was beautiful. The blade was a silverfish blue and it seemed to shine on its own accord. The hilt was engraved with markings whose meanings escaped me at the moment. Right below the base of the blade, embedded in the hilt was the Crest of Avianous. The top portion of the hilt sprouted out and curved up towards the blade. My inspection of the sword was cut short as Zahiel parried Delano’s attacked and I heard the clang of metal hitting metal.

I charged forward with my sword ready to strike. The blade came over my head rushing towards Delano’s shoulder. He leaped backwards and then struck Zahiel in the leg. Zahiel knelt with a grimace of pain on his face. Forcing Delano to focus on me I struck him numerous blows. He had only enough time to defend but no time to take the offense.

                “Zahiel I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up!” I shouted just as Delano halted my offense. He swung his sword, aiming for my neck. I ducked and as I stood I kicked him in the stomach. Delano rolled backwards and I took my chance.

                “Tridum Lacartus!” Lightning flashed down striking Delano. He laid perfectly still on the ground.

                “Is he dead?” Asked Zahiel as he walked up to me.

                “No just unconscious.” I said. I raised my hand ready to speak another incantation, but stopped when I heard the beating of wings from behind me. I turned in time to see Kristian land with the Avian Guardians.

                “Is that Delano laying there?” Kristian looked shocked to see Delano unconscious.

                “Yes it is.” I answered pointedly. “Katrina and Savan detain our intruder please. Kristian I need you to gather the Elder Council.”

                “But my liege-“

                “Now Kristian!” I shouted my command at the captain. “Meet me in the Council Hall in five minutes with them.” Kristian met my gaze and the quickly deported.

                “Zahiel let’s go.” I began to walk toward the palace with many thoughts running through my mind.

© 2011 Palmer Blu

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I'm a little confused. are there two different delanos? in the last chapter, he was head of the guard, now he's the enemy again. This could use a little clarification to make the story flow.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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