Human Integrity and the Environment: Where do we stand?

Human Integrity and the Environment: Where do we stand?

A Story by Pamela

For thousands of years now, the human civilization has been built under the supreme foundation of harmonious co-existence with the rest of creation. We have utilized the elements of the earth to meet our desired ends. We increase our productivity by taking things from the earth and utilize these things to be part of our daily lives. Years and years, we depend on this harmonious co-existence to sustain us.  Without a doubt, all the graces of creation have been given to us.

Until this time we strive to live harmoniously with the earth. As we know, almost all the things are just within our grasp and disposal. Whatever we do, we, as humans are always dominant in power, domain, and influence. We strive hard to conquer all the places of the earth up to what the universe can offer. Our insatiable desire to create, improve, destroy, and consume things is always at its pinnacle.

For years now, we have been awakened from our deep sleep about the trembling horrors that the earth bestowed on us. We suffered enough plights from the wraths of nature and realizing that in our existence, we have done something wrong.  We ask questions and we blame others for what happened. News, articles, dissertations, essays, and reports have shown the havoc that nature has given us; perhaps, nature has its natural way of elimination.

Have we subdued the earth?

This is a question that anyone can answer with a resounding YES. We may be reluctant to it, but we did subdue the earth in some ways or another. We take something from the earth without gratitude and respect. We have never respected natural laws that govern the whole ecological process. We consume more than what the earth can produce. We destroy more than what the earth can create.

Integrity. Where is integrity then?

Our whole character is in question. What have we done? Look around us, and see the impact that we have made. Our confusion from what is right from wrong puts us into danger.  These confusion leads to:

Indifference �" confusing ourselves with the circumstances of our actions thinking that it is all part of nature and there is nothing that we can do.

Consumerism �" we think of things that can instantly gratify us not thinking of what other things are at stake.

Insensitivity �" we think that humans are the only ones worthy of sensitivity neglecting that the rest of creations must also be respected and are also worthy of the same dignity.

Selfishness �" we only think that we are the only ones who are the centre of the universe and that everything revolves around us.

What can we do?

Look around us and treat all things with respect, compassion, and concern. A change of principle is start. Then, live with the principle is enough.

© 2011 Pamela

Author's Note

ignore grammar problems, don't know what is the exact category it will fall

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