Mistsong: The Betrayed Warrior.

Mistsong: The Betrayed Warrior.

A Story by Madness is Insanity

based on Erin Hunters 'warriors' series. written by Victoria Maggie, Bella-marie


Tail swishing angrily, Mistsong turned one last time, meowing indignantly at the crowd of catsbehind her, then she waltzed out of the clearing, a disgusted look apon her face. She began to run, out of the forest that she was born in, away from her clan who she could no longer trust...

Into the wild fleeing the comforting scents of home. She travelled to the mountais, thinking she might find a place where she could leave the past behind and find a place where she could belong. She padded into a cave, thinking that as night was falling, danger would emerge. As she made a nest, she thought 'starclan, they could tell me what to do, where to go.'  Then she waited for dreams to come.

But they had left her, left her to the fear that threatened to take over, and Mistsong did not sleep a wink. She kept waking in a cold sweat, only to find her fear untrue and far away. She sighed deeply, licked her fur of sweat and slept soundly till dawn.

Mistsong awakened and her starved stomach growled loudly. Time for a hunt - but she couldn't hunt where she usually did, her clan-, her old clan would kill her. She had to find water too, and soon. Then she would leave the thin forest, never to retern.She would get to the snow-capped mountains - and try to survive...

Under a soft coating of snow, Mistsong stalked a small mouse. Preparing to pounce, she shifted her position, as the mouse nibbled on Greenleaf's last nut. She pounced and captured the mouse, then wolfed it down enjoying the warmth. Mistsong carried on up the mountain as she chewed snow for strength.

The cold snow began to chill Mistsong to the bone, and she was slowly drained of all feeling as she collapsed in a heap. The snow melted, forming a small frozen area. She shivered strongly as the cold bit into her and despair took over. She felt the cold of her tears pouring down and she wished fervently that her mother had never died, as she wouldn't be in this mess if she hadn't.

Still shivering, she tryed to fight off the urge to surrender as her body froze, colder than the snow. Mistsong felt death creep in, settling in her bones. She kpt fighting, until she realized that it would be warm with starclan, never feeling cold again would be pleasing. She would see her mother and closing her frosen eyes she let the darkness take over...

Only to be jerked back to reality with considerably force, by one of the fabled 'tribe of rushing water'. Saved by the Tribe, she awakens in a dark, almost pitch black cave, reminding her of the darkness she had let in. Mistsong is forced to swallow bitter herbs, worse than the ones Jayfeather used to give her. "Where am I?" She askes as it sinks in that she has returned to soceity...

© 2009 Madness is Insanity

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Interesting piece of writing. Very descripted story, I could never write a short story that was interesting. Keep up the good work and surviving school. =-P

Posted 10 Years Ago

It was based on a series of books called 'warriors' by Erin Hunter of you have heard of them, that's what sparked the idea

Posted 11 Years Ago

WOW, I can't believe how amazing that is!
How did you come up with it? The only downpoint is that it reminds me of some books that I've read before. But this is better then them, simply amazing.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I can find all the bits I wrote. It is slightly unreal!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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i found it like a clown it slowly draws you in. in total cool

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Madness is Insanity
Madness is Insanity

Dead, Bored, New Zealand

Cats are awesome. more..


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