[Fear of death]

[Fear of death]

A Poem by Jordan Jones

A crazy little poem


little machines in your gut at birth have robbed your brain of blood
During crucial periods the viral RNA slivered your chances by the end
nanobots in vaccines don't exist, and it wasn't the mercury kid
but it may not have even been the intestinal bacteriological anomalies
after all
Just a gift from God that might have opened the windows
That make your brain
A special case
you ·

If it's totally me then whats the freak out about

Your flower-power workaround is a disaster, my friend

Third-party alcoholics have shrunken heads

hung up on sticks in the city next door

you know, the one you never let me go to

carry me wooden to the door

Strong my hand supports your back 

these words have so much


the fallacy is yours to keep that

I would be wrong because I am wrong

You are wrong because you are wrong

isn't it crystal this won't be a discussion?

For I am a herding man

not a serpent like you

perhaps more of an animal

is that fallacious?

Do you shuffle the flock?

I do shuffle the flock

but not for a game

I am a herdman also who

for you go insane

Then GO! and let me sit

beneath these windows alone

I will go


if you


Was that a bird? Are you my mommy?

I think I hear a tractor five miles away

i have autonomy

You will not survive if I go

and you will not know my name

I know your name. it is solved

You are the man who found me at birth addicted to heroin

and we are trapped in this closet until the men who followed your rescuing me

find us here

And you are talking to yourself

only out of fear of death.

© 2013 Jordan Jones

Author's Note

Jordan Jones
It's decent

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Added on April 14, 2013
Last Updated on April 14, 2013
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Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones

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