A description of Trazodone

A description of Trazodone

A Poem by Jordan Jones

I talk about volunteering... although it is not mentioned why I am medicated


Liberal progressive views are taking me to a shelter to volunteer. I must teach the illiterate. It is my calling.


But will I be a volunteer? Will the drip of Traz'done roll to the bottom of my pelvis and bounce,


and squeeze


among my socket-joints?


No, because I am not a doctor wiz. A volunteer, if only, but my hair, it frizzes, and locks entertwine into white boy dreads, so others picture me as "homeless." I am myself a client. I am there to be patronized, I am there to be catered to by medication. Ev'ry night I will take my pills,

joints bending opposite,

like a quarter falling,

and press the return b'tton for the change to drop into my mouth slot. Change I can believe in. Bedrolling on ex-milit'ry bunks.


In the bathroom I may flip the rifle into my mouth (Full Metal Jacket) or freebase my boyfriend's secret, Bolivian crack (A Pulper Fiction.) But the fact is, to be in the shelter is my calling.


It is my calling to volunteer my reality, or surrender it as such, to the bloodrush pill I call Trazodone, along with the other drug-a-saurs. It is a prison drug, like Vistaril. I have that, too. And the pure Astra second-class atypical psychotic medication I take? For

a truly



take it with a meal. Because I want to do my part!

© 2013 Jordan Jones

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Jordan Jones
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I think you can cut the parenthetics and help the flow a little more. In addition, I think you could cut the abbreviations as they feel very forced. Other than that, nothing really of note here. Don't much like your format but that's more of a personal thing than otherwise.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on June 3, 2013
Last Updated on June 4, 2013
Tags: schizophrenia, drugs, homeless


Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones

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