The Ticking

The Ticking

A Story by Miu

The clock ticked. It ticked and ticked away without a care in the world. It didn’t stop for anyone. How cruel.

            A girl sat on her balcony with the rain pouring down on her, just listening to the cruel clock as it ticked on without a care for anyone or anything. Waiting. Waiting for what? She didn’t know anymore, but yet she waiting and waited. The clock ticked.

            The girl felt lost. She felt as though she was drowning in a sea full of unforgiving clock ticking. She tried to remember what she was waiting for. She had long-since forgotten. How long had she been sitting there? A few minutes? An hour? A day? She didn’t know anymore and she wasn’t sure she cared anymore. The clock kept ticking, cruel and uncaring.

            ‘Time and life are unforgiving. Just like that clock.’ her mind filled in. Who had told her that? Had she come up with that on her own?

            Suddenly, the clock stopped ticking. The girl looked behind her at the clock that sat in her room. Then she remembered. She was waiting for him. But he wasn’t coming. No matter how long she waited, he wasn’t coming.

            The clock then started again and she began to cry. She sat still and wished the clock would stop. She wished it would stop its cruel, unforgiving ticking.

            ‘Life. Uncaring, like the relentless ticking of the clock. Not stopping for anyone or anything,’ she thought.

            She willed herself to forget about him and listened to the clock with its cruel ticking.

© 2013 Miu

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This is incredible!! I love the whole 'time is ticking away' point you put across. It was very strong and amazing!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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