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memoir of what I experienced 10 years ago


That only lasted for about 3 weeks, or maybe a month. I couldn't do it. I couldn't sleep at night. I couldn't take away the one last thing that my daughter had. I saw her tears, I saw her confusion. I was hurting my child.

I woke up one morning at the end of October, and I knew it was time. Time to end it all. Not only put her back where she belongs, in her old school, but go home.

I took her to school that morning, then came home and waited for him to leave for work. Earlier that morning, when she was still getting dressed in her room, he & I got into a huge fight. I told him that I wanted to put her back in her old school and go back to the driving. He lost his temper and yelled and said something about my "f***ing daughter", loud enough for her to hear. He said it was all about her, and that she was spoiled. Spoiled?

When he left for work, I loaded up some of our things into the back of the car, said "let's go" to my dog, and drove back up to the school. I walked into the office and said I needed to withdraw my child. I got the condescending look from the middle aged woman with puffy hair and glasses and was told to fill out some forms, then they sent for my daughter.

I told her that we were going home. She hugged me and we cried. I cried. She was overjoyed. She said, "can I see my friends at my school, today?" I said "you sure can, come on." So we drove all the way home, back to our town, and walked into the school. Signed some forms, greeted by a few teachers who knew us, smiled at. It was a small town, and some people there knew what had happened with my brother, and they knew my whole family, which was nice, I wasn't judged for a change.

My daughter about ran down the hallway and walked into the classroom. I stayed out in the hallway but I watched through the window in the door. I saw her walk in, and I saw her classmates turn and look. They all jumped up and ran to her and threw their arms around her. It was a huddle. I heard shouts, kids saying her name. She was, at that moment, hugged by about 10 second graders.

I stood there and tears ran down my face. I was sobbing. I cried all the way home. Home. Where was home, now? Which parent should I stay with now? I went back to my dad's, unloaded the things from the car, grabbed a cup of coffee and turned around and went back out to the trailer to get the rest of our things. He still didn't know what I was doing.

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A very hard decision. The children need to be thought of. The description led the reader to a hard ending. Telling someone you are leaving. Thank you for the excellent chapter.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on July 4, 2008


Piece Of My Life
Piece Of My Life


(true) memoir of what I experienced 10 years ago, boring maybe but feels great to tell it- swore I never would. I'm 38 and on a mission to say everything I shouldn't. Wrote this out for the first time.. more..