Wild Ride

Wild Ride

A Story by BookIt1357

A girl and her first time on a rollercoaster..... Just an assignment from my teacher I did last year, and I thought I did pretty good :)

         The line to ride the roller coaster seemed to go on forever. I was hopping from foot to foot with anticipation. I really didn't want to go on this ride, but my friends had pretty much dragged me here. Plus, I didn't want to seem like a wimp. I was pretty sure everyone in line behind me, as well as beside me could hear my heart beating a mile a minute.
        My friend beside me, Amy, grinned when she saw the roller coaster cars rumbling to a stop in front of us, carrying some pretty shaken up passengers. The majority of them were grinning. Others looked terrified, and others looked like they were going to be sick. I grinned confidently back at her, when really in my mind, I was thinking, Oh, my God. I am going to completely flip. The people running the ride helped the passengers unbuckle their seats and get out, and the gates in front of me opened. I paid careful attention to the yawning gap where the track was, considering we were standing on a platform about thirty feet off the ground, as I stepped over it and into the seat. I hoped desperately that I didn't look as nervous as I felt. The attendant walked to me and helped me buckle my belt as I fumbled with the clip. The gates closed.
        It took me a few minutes to realize I was sitting right next to Amy in the roller coaster car. She was grinning and practically hopping up and down in her seat. Well, as much as she could while the shoulder straps held her in place.
        I heard the buzzer ring, indicating that the ride was ready to go. A man flipped a few switches, apparently fully activating the ride. The ride hummed and jerked forward at first. Then, we were off. I squeezed my eyes shut, and heard people screaming and Amy laughing beside me. Wind buffeted my face. My stomach dropped. I opened my eyes and realized we were moving at top speed down a steep track. The track made a sharp turn, and I jerked to the side. This isn't so bad, I thought.
        Then, I saw it. We were heading towards a huge series of loops in the track. Before I knew what was happening, we were riding the loops, being turned upside down repeatedly. I couldn't believe it. I was having fun on this thing! I laughed, but my voice was snatched away by the wind. We sped past the loading platform, again and again riding the looping track. I was actually a little disappointed when the ride came to a stop. My heart was still beating hard, but this time it was out of excitement. Adrenaline was still pouring into my veins, and the wind had felt amazing, considering how hot it was. The ride jolted to a stop in front of the platform we had boarded from. I was grinning. Amy's hair was a mess, and I assumed mine would have been too, had I not put it in a ponytail.
        We unbuckled, and our shoulder straps lifted with a hiss. Everyone climbed out, if a little unstable. When we were out, Amy turned to me, grinning, and I knew exactly what she was thinking.
        "Let's go again." I said.

© 2011 BookIt1357

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:) I actually used my own first experience on an upside-down roller coaster **cough cough** THANK YOU, Tabitha! **cough cough** to base this on, so I just tried to convey what I was feeling in this story. The drop, the spins, the adrenaline rush, the suspense when you realize there's no turning back, all of that.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Great job, Julia! I love your descriptions in this piece :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

This really good, really exciting and you're completely pulled along by the emotions of the character. Good job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Ah! This was such a fun read. I almost felt like I was on that roller-coaster myself. A very vivid story. :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

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