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    “Amy! Rory!” the Doctor called. Somewhere inside the TARDIS, the human couple had found a karaoke room, and had amused themselves all afternoon by trying to sing songs in alien languages. They had botched the language of the forest so badly, it caused the Time Lord to wince every time a mispronounced line floated into the control room. Of course, it may have also been the effect of Rory’s singing, but that was another matter.
    Now, the two stumbled into the control room, clutching each other for support. The Doctor thought this was very silly, for if one of them fell, the other would fall, since neither of them were holding on to anything stable. It seemed the TARDIS had hit a bit of turbulence, and the Doctor had not bothered to turn on the stabilizers. After all, what fun is time travel if you smooth out all the bumps?
    Amy managed to drag Rory into the control room, where they somehow found a side rail to grab onto as the TARDIS shuddered and shook, tossing everything violently about. “Doctor!” yelled the cross, Scottish redhead over the turmoil, “What did you do?”
    “Why do you assume it was me?!” the Doctor yelled back, hurt. “It could’ve been her!” He gestured to the TARDIS.
    Amy shot him a look.
    The Doctor gave in. “Okay, fine, maybe it was me! But that’s no reason to go around accusing!”
    Lightyears away on a little planet called Earth, an avid Whovian named Anna McGee was in for the surprise of her life...

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Added on September 19, 2011
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