Missing a Stranger

Missing a Stranger

A Story by BookIt1357

This actually happened to me the other night, and I couldn't help but write it. Couldn't stop thinking about the guy the whole next day. And I just realized what the summary made it sound like. NO!!

    “Now, I shall make like a fatty and lick the frosting from the plastic.” I held the plastic wrap to my face, about to relieve the package of the last bits of cake frosting nestled in the crevices of the bunched up plastic.
    Ashlynn laughed and grabbed the sheet of plastic from me before my taste buds could extract the deliciousness, much to my disappointment.
    Launching at her, I attempted to grab the sheet from her, and she laughed and danced away. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, she bounced towards me, plastic wrap outstretched, attempting to smear me with the remnants of the delicacy that once was wrapped within.
    Realizing her intent, I shrieked, making for the bleachers. Ashlynn darted forward, both of us laughing, and I climbed the concrete stairs, chancing a glance over my shoulder.
    Only to be met with plastic wrap.
    When all was said and done, we were leaning against the bleachers’ supports, where the booth we were helping to run was set up. The majority of the players at the booth had gone, and the event was nearly over. We were sweaty and out of breath. Makeup was smudged, and our hair was everywhere. My beret dangled from my left hand, having snatched it from my head in an attempt to keep from losing it while I was running. And both of us were smeared with cake frosting.


    Later that night, we packed up everything, taking down the game signs, putting away the extra prizes. I kept thinking that I definitely was a sight to see, all mussed hair and cake icing, and was beginning to regret wearing tall boots and skinny jeans on the late Summer night.
    Then again, I’m sure everyone in shorts was regretting their decision as well, the abnormal amount of mosquitos swarming everywhere considered.
    Swatting at a mosquito, I bid the rest of the people at my booth good night, heading for the gates of the football field.
    Of course, being my tres smooth self, I almost ran into a guy right behind me.
    Who also happened to be trying to give me a hug.
    Who also happened to be really cute.
    Who also happened to be someone I didn’t know.
    I, being, again, my smooth self, returned the hug with a, “Hi, um.... Person I don’t know.”
    In the semi-darkness of the football field’s floodlights, I could barely see him. I blinked, having to look up (a rare occurrence for me, I might add) to take in his dirty blonde hair, unable to distinguish if it was curly or just wavy in the half-light. He didn’t seem to be in my grade, maybe a Junior or Senior.
    “I’m Matthew,” he said. “You look good." He smiled.
    At that, I looked down at myself, murmuring a small “Thank you,” and the beginning of a sentence I couldn’t finish. “I’m-”
    Then, he was gone as quickly as he had come, disappearing into the darkness of the parking lot.

© 2011 BookIt1357

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I love it as well! The guy seemed like quiite a mysterious and it sucks you guys didn't get a chqance to talk more. maybe u can use it as an idea as a story, what you probably thought should have happened. ;)

Posted 10 Years Ago

OH MY BANANA PEELS! Julia, I looove this! The beginning is so happy and lighthearted and I love how by the end it's so mysterious! You did an excellent job with this!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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