What You Wanted To Know

What You Wanted To Know

A Poem by Kait

This is related to teenage hardship The way rumors and whispers can harm a teenager, how cruel the words of our peers can be, and how we find it hard to relate to our parents.



You don’t know why I act the way I do

You don’t know what the hell I have been through

Day to day

When I’m away

The things they hear

What they whisper in my ear

All the things they say

that’s why I act this way

don’t eat, don’t sleep, pop to stay ahead

You never wondered why I hated getting out of bed?

Because of the hell I get sent to

Somehow I manage to live through

It doesn’t make me stronger, it makes me weak

Inside and out I crumble, very little do I let leak

No one to hold me up, look inside me, stand beside me

To stand in front of me, be my shield and protect me

No one to focus on so I wouldn’t see

But I had no one to love me

The words I hate to say, hate to speak

Keep falling from my mouth like a rhyme baring at my teeth

So here I stand, up here on this peak

Ready to fall? wondering about being free

What no one looks for no one will see

Therefore no one will save me

© 2008 Kait

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Very strong poem
Very true very good

Posted 6 Years Ago

its true that teenagers go through this, some of them daily while others only sometimes but its all the same. the only thing that sets us apart is the choices we made. whether we chose to endure it all silently or fight back. I myself chose to fight back, showing no weakness to no one no matter the odds or numbers agaisnt me. Standing alone, all I had was to depend on myself. I had no one to save me until one day I met some one special. Maybe that's what you need, to find that some one or something that gives you the strength to go on, to keep fighting. maybe thats what everyone needs...a friend.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I think you reviewed my poem that was untitled - it seems like this one fits perfectly right before it, especially with the whole idea of falling and needing to be saved. I did feel like I was 'saved', but really it was just a repreive long enough for me to gather my wits and prepare for a real fall. When you cling to the edge like that, it's time to learn to fly.
- But anyway, nice write, you got that teenage angst across perfectly.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on November 27, 2008
Last Updated on December 6, 2008



Gurdon, AR

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