New Love

New Love

A Poem by Kait

I wrote this semi for my boyfriend and semi for me. I realized that there is a such thing as teenage love. It's not real love or completely true but still it exists which is more than I knew.



My head swarms with thoughts
My heart with ideas.
My lips curl into a smile
Because you’re no longer on trial.
I decide to keep you around
I don’t know for how long
But I don’t want to give this up
you’re a buddy and a beau all in one cup.
I have so much fun
When we play friends
But I still like to flirt
And calling you mine doesn’t hurt.
Somehow you know our lines
And my boundaries you don’t cross
I love that you don’t even test them
So I feel no pressure with him.
But now the longer I stay with you
My hearts direction has changed
My happiness is yours to maintain
And my heart hangs on your chain.
Your presence makes me smile
And somehow you always make me laugh
With you time speeds up and flies away
Leaving me finding more ways to stay.
I remember that first kiss
Before you claimed me as yours
Now I scheme for moments private
Just to feel my heart flutter a bit.
It’s funny how you still make my heart race
How butterflies swarm my head and stomach
As quickly as when I remember
That simple moments hinder.
I close my eyes and see you
I can see future moments we share
However I don’t see forever when I look in your eyes
But thinking of an end brings grey skies.
I don’t know if love exists for 15
Or how quickly lust can summon it
But I do know how things go fast and slow
And that my love is as pure as snow.
So if love exists for you and me
I hope it shows in our eyes so the other can see.

© 2009 Kait

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though you are young I can see that you are older in thought, you are wise beyond your years though how much I cant tell. Young love, whether real or not is still there and many experience it with or without expectations of the future. Some are lucky to find it and others arent. yet there are some who refuse love for fear of hurt and loss. And I'm begining to think that the reason that is is because of teenage love. I'm not saying that its bad but at least now I think I found a new piece to the puzzle. Thank you, this poem has been very helpful to me.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I really enjoyed reading this, Kait. I think many of my friends begin relationships perhaps not believing that it will last forever, but still not thinking about the fact that it will end. It shows wisdom in this poem, but you dont let that keep you from enjoying the moment and taking advantage of the time you have in the present. Always enjoy being around those people who make you feel this way. And thank you for sharing this piece of your thoughts with us! :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Gurdon, AR

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