Assorted Tales

Assorted Tales

A Story by penhive

These are a collection of Micro-Fiction.


Story is over

Story is over is an idiom and it means to have died.

My father’s story is over many years ago.

Buffalo in the Pond

Buffalo in the pond is an idiom and it means being in a comfort zone.

You must leave the buffalo in the pond to achieve success.


Recently my place witnessed elections. When I came near the electoral voting machine, I could see two signs, one that of the Congress and the other the Left party of Kerala. I was flummoxed as to which party I should vote. I finally decided to cast my vote and it’s a secret that I am not going to tell.

1$ Bill

I am fascinated by the sign on the one-dollar bill, the all-seeing eye and the unfinished pyramid and the Latin phrase: Anuit Copetis Novus Ordo Decorum which means: let the ages be favorable for our undertakings.

I purchased the one-dollar bill and put it in  my purse and ever since I am having luck with lottery draws.

Yes, the one-dollar bill is a talisman of luck.


I strangled her neck and severed her head and then I mutilated her body parts. I felt a certain sense or glee and fascination.

But the secret of this murder is the one done on a Barbie doll.


Serpentnomics is a neologism made from Serpent and Economics and it means, having money to lead a luxurious life.

I wish to experience Serpentnomics in my life.


Dreamnesia is coined from Dream and Amnesia and it means not being able to recollect a dream.

Many a time, I have experienced dreamnesia.



© 2021 penhive

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Added on April 11, 2021
Last Updated on April 11, 2021
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Pathnamthitta, Kerala, India

I am a Hellenic Philistine, an existential nihilist, a postmodern enthusiast, and I ontologize my being into religions of Christianity and Judaism with the being of an apologist. more..

Idioms Idioms

A Story by penhive