I am no longer pure.

I am no longer pure.

A Poem by phantom pains

stuggling with the fact that reality has a way of tainting the mind, while simultaneously building it up with pride, I realize I have no control what so ever and I pity myself

I, am I longer pure.
Ignorance has been wiped away by the shaky hand of Reality,
And replaced with experience, by the claws of Dread.
The devil lulled, and I, in ignorance, swooned.
Permanent scars, left by his touch,
Say much about my past,
And where I am to head in my future.

I, am no longer pure.
I have inhaled the smoke of my burned anxieties,
I have been whispered to by the lips of Lust,
And spun carelessly into his arms.
He is a faceless shape, but his hold is firm
And impossibly to escape with ease.

I, am no longer pure.
These Devils control my heart,
Because I have welcomed them in.
And they, in gratitude, have torn at old wounds,
And picked at healing scabs.

I, am no longer pure.
Disgust and Revenge and Desperation
Seep from the seams,
Bandages useless to keep them tame,

I, am no longer pure.
And like a circus lion in its cage,
I long for a meaning: to be freed.

I, am no longer pure.
I have become just what I feared.

I, am no longer pure.

© 2015 phantom pains

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Control is only a man made illusion anyway, to feign us into believing that we have some sort of control of our destiny. We are merely playing our part, allowed to make minor adjustments, but playing a part all the same. I am no longer pure, recurring throughout is a very nice touch. It is the innermost thought in the writer, and makes us all see a part of the impurity within ourselves.
Thank you very much for sharing. I really enjoyed this.

Posted 5 Years Ago

phantom pains

5 Years Ago

thank you for your review! your own thoughts have their way of mingling with the above poem, and jus.. read more

5 Years Ago

Glad to be of assistance.

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Added on September 6, 2015
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phantom pains
phantom pains

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