let them come

let them come

A Poem by nigrum homonculus

I wrote this while i was pissed(who would of thought?). Also i play destiny and the phrase "i am a wall and walls don't care" is taken from the game. It was so good i had to use it.

Let them come.
My hands are on my knees, my breath runs from me.
lungs burning, body yearning for the release, the explosion,
just a simple peace of mind but.....

Let them come.
As my lips quiver, as my spine shivers,
the cold of the void will be merciless. infinite while i am finite,
but i am a wall so.....
Let them come.
No longer will i hide in my pipe.
No longer will i sing to my gin.
No longer will i linger in my misery,
because i am a wall and walls don't care so.....

Let them come. I am waiting.

© 2018 nigrum homonculus

Author's Note

nigrum homonculus
written on my iphone, the pipe thing is cause i smoke, gin? erm.....just thought i would use it for some sort of effect. anyway be honest and don't mince your words.

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Added on January 16, 2018
Last Updated on January 16, 2018
Tags: Life, anger, friends, erm....whatever


nigrum homonculus
nigrum homonculus

london, surrey, United Kingdom

i have been away from this place for.....lord knows, something like 3-4 years? so i guess all the things i have experienced in that time have to come out somehow you know? so here we are. you're readi.. more..