What happened to the old times?

What happened to the old times?

A Poem by alyssa

time passing...


What happend to the days were their were no worries?

Where we'd play all day,

When stress wasn't part of the dictionary,

Where we just forgave and forgot,

Where Everyday brought a new mystery,

When we had so much energy that we just couldn't stand still,

I miss those days..

when I notice,

That everyone is in a rush...

Barley able to enjoy the day like we all used to,

When we were little,

Why the rush?

Slow it down.

© 2011 alyssa

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I can definitly relate to this poem. Sometimes I just miss being a kid. In other words I liked it and there were only 3 typos that I saw. (1st line: happend = happened, and their = there 10th line barley = barely) So keep up the good work!

Posted 13 Years Ago

This is a beautiful piece... refreshing and thoughtful... there's alot to be said for simplicity.
To turn back the clock and relive it all... this time appreciating every moment ~smiles~ but I guess we'd still grow up eventually.
I think the key is not to get too dragged along in the rat race of life... remember to breathe... don't worry about what anybody else thinks of you and laugh often and loud (especially when you feel like crying ;)

Posted 14 Years Ago

This is such a true, thoughtful write and one I truly agree with.

Little suggestion though... your font is rather small, difficult to read in a flowing way.. maybe use another one next time?

The way you've put the following really reached me.. When stress wasn't part of the diconary

Where we just forgave and forgot all the problems

How i agree with you, finely put..


Thank you very much for sharing, look forward to reading more another time.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Strange how the past always looks so beautiful isn't it?
It's a nice thought, I always like seeing people write about something other than love, refreshing in a way.
Not that it matters in any way shape or form but you missed an "e" out of barely.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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I live in NY and wouldn't change it for the world. I write to expess myself and share my point of veiw. I want to work with kids and love to help out! I can be realy loud once you get to know me but I.. more..


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