A Poem by Pinki Tuscaderro

A Spokane Indian speaks about the injustice behind federal trust and Indian trustees

Above my tipi, Crow sits.
Dark clouds of Congress
Fill with Dept. of Interior shadows,
killed bills and several
Generations of Spokane,
Children of the Sun.
I gather Moonbeams for supper,
Mixing enriched water from
Ancient uranium lagoons,
Add a dash and sprinkle of
Radioactive, not retroactive
Environmental protection vagrancy
I spoon lard laden drops of dough
Into heart attacks that swim and
sizzle into fry bread promises and
cardiac arrest warrants
I raise my glass jar of
Diabetic dam grand Coulee-aid,
Under the influence of historical trauma and
Reservation assisted suicide.
Amidst burning sweet grass, I toast to
Flooded dreams, hydro power,
Unpaid power bills, Pacific Power and
The powerlessness of compensation committees
Final disconnect notices, Generally, electric and
Municipalized ill legalized Monopoly.
I drink to my ancestors, smoke in song and
Pray Salmon some day grows feet and
Climbs up the vast fishy ladders
Crashes over the concrete dams and
Falls the lake into stream and sea,
Freeing the life blood of the river,
From concrete blocked arteries.
Shine over Midnite.
Radiate irrigated skies.
Children of the Sun
Coyote listens, dancing
By the light of the moon and
Glow of lagoon
His eyes flicker, fluorescing,
Unnaturally green.
It is time to eat dust,
From Federal trust,
To indian trustee,  
Let us toast to sovereignty.

© 2010 Pinki Tuscaderro

Author's Note

Pinki Tuscaderro
Keep it thoughtful.

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Added on July 31, 2010
Last Updated on July 31, 2010
Tags: Native American, Justice, Politics, Abstract, Experimental


Pinki Tuscaderro
Pinki Tuscaderro

Portland, OR

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