The betrayl

The betrayl

A Story by Sarah

A story about a friend, and an enemy...


The heavy oak door opened, letting a ribbon of light shine into the blackened room. A dark shadowed figure stepped through the open door blocking out the heaven brought light.


“Hello Kitten” the figure deep voice spoke out.

“Don’t call me that,” Amy snapped back at him. “You lost the right to call me that a while ago.”

He took a step forward and as he did so Amy moved back until her back was firmly against the cold stone wall behind her, her golden hair falling over her face. The man let out a low evil laugh that sent chills up her spine.

“Why are you doing this” the girl spoke trying to sound stronger than she actually was as a single silver tear rolled down her cheek.      

“You have something I want” he said in a harsh tone. The words echoed in Amy’s head as the dream became a blur...


BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ... Amy reached for the buzzing alarm clock and looked hopefully at the time. 6:30Am.Tiredly she reached for her night gown and tied the silk strap around her waist, walking towards the door dodging the mess all over the floor.

She tuned the glass handle of the bathroom door and turned on the shower. Amy waited impatiently for the steam to start poring out of the bath and crawling up the wall sticking to the window and mirror, escaping through the gap under the door. She stepped in letting the water run down her face, the steam devour her. Stepping out of the bath onto the steamy floor, she grabbed for the Cotton bath towel, wrapping it around her, Amy retreated to her room.

Opening her wardrobe, she carefully picked out her silk, sky blue summer dress that matched her ice blue eyes perfectly. Amy slid the dress over her head. Running the brush through her silky golden hair she pulls it up into a ballerina bun leaving a few strands to lye down the sides of her face. She places her Grandmother’s book in its box; she locked it and tied it around her wrist on a piece of leather cord. As she picked up her red lip stick, Amy took the lid off and spread the dark colour on her pale lips making her look almost as pale as a vampire.

“Amy!” her mother yelled up the stairs, “hurry up or your going to be late.”

“I’m coming!” Amy shouted back to her mum. She slid on her pale blue sand shoes, grabbed her new school bag and rushed out the door closing it behind her. Amy ran down the stairs leaving her bag beside the door. Walking down the hall she arrived at the kitchen, she sat down and began to eat her toast.

“Aren’t you forgetting something Amy?” her mum asked in a curious tone.

“Emmm, I don’t think so.” Amy replied sure that there was nothing she had forgotten. Her mum smiled smugly.

“Your anniversary” she said slowly.

“Oh no” Amy thought to herself. It was the anniversary of her and Erik being together for 1 year. Her mum shook her head knowing that Amy had forgotten.

“Don’t worry I’ve got you covered” she pulled out a silver watch and a simple blue card saying ‘Happy Anniversary’.

“Thanks mum, you’re a life saver.” She stood up and hugged her mum before taking the things. Amy hurried into the living room to write out her card.

“Bye mum” she yelled to her mum as she stepped outside into the morning sun.

It wasn’t long before she was at the tall glass doors of Water Rose School.

“Amy, Amy!” a voice shouted to her. “Amy, have you remembered, please -” Amy cut her of.

“Yes I remembered.” She said with a sigh “you need to stop worrying Jane. Have you seen Erik today?”

“No, sorry” Jane frowned at her. “He should be here soon.” The ear piercing sound of the bell sounded. Rushing people filled the corridors as they made there way to lessons.

© 2012 Sarah

Author's Note

Not finished. Please revew its for my english assessment. I need to know what people think.
Thanks for reading.

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I really liked this story! Your use of imagery and dramatic build up was excellent! You did awesome!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Oh my gosh. I have to say that was really good writing. I loved the way you described everything in detail. You did a really great job on it, hope you get a good grade, you deserve one.

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thanks i didnt think it was that good :D

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