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when it begins


          In one peace night, the moon fully bright, everyone already sleep, the world is filled with silent.

“Emergency Alert! Emergency Alert!!” someone shouted while running.

Eh? Peace??

“What happen?” me as the king of the nobodies kingdom must take care of this.

“It’s happen again! There’s an infection going to human’s school. We can’t protect them, we lack of the soldier” said one of my captain soldier.

“Huh?! Where??” I go to the system room and see that the infection can reach the human’s “Uuugh.. Okay, we’ll make they be to protect their self.” I take a sit and start to work.

“You want to make the human’s guardian from human? How possible?” one of my workers asking

Just let me work it, okay? “I need the data from all the humans there and I need to 3 people here to work, the other just get out and do your daily task”

Quickly, 3 workers take a sit and ready to work while the other go out and do their task.

“Okay, runs the HNG system” don’t ask me why, just work. This is emergency situation!

“Why? That’s a secret and dangerous system. You not letting us to run it” said one of the workers

Uuuuugh... “Just do it, I know what the best way to protect them”

“Okay, Human’s Nobodies Guardians system is activated”

          There’s come out so much numbers from the computer, the room is brightly green. We just cover our eyes with our hands until the light disappears and then they check their computer. One of the computer is has the human’s data, another one has nobody’s data (which is still blank), the rest computer has data that just like making character (maybe for making the nobodies). We just stand there with shock. Until the alarm is ringing, we realise that this is dangerous situation for human.

“I’m at the human’s data, take your position!” I manage the human’s data because I want the real guardians

“We’re ready!” they answers and then we start to work

          I do search and found a girl that will suit to be the leader. She has ability to see something like us and she is believed in us. So, it’ll easy to explain to her.

“Here’s the leader of our guardians” I said to the other “I need someone to send this message to her” I already have the message, I already prepare for this situation.

“I’ll send it” one of my currier comes

“Okay, here. You know this message right?” I give it to him “let her sign in here” he understand.

          He disappear (our way to go to human’s world) and we waiting for him, impatiently. Around 5 minutes, he comes back.

“Why, you so long?” I ask to him

“Sorry, it’s a little bit difficult to explain.” he give me the message back “she already sign it and she already understand”

“Good job, thanks” I take the message back and put it at computer.

“The message is accepted” the computer said and the data of the human is extracted to my computer and to the computer that has making nobodies system. The system is working fast. The name, the weapon, the power, and the appearance of nobody are already done just in a minute.

“White Star Rock Bladder, Leader. Weapon: Shooter and Bladder. Fire: White. Element: Light. Ability: slashing, shooting, and bombing.”

          “Tonight, we’ll combine it with the human. Our guardians will be rise!”

© 2012 Irvette Dauphine

Author's Note

Irvette Dauphine
sorry for the grammar, n typo n i use wrong word
enjoy the story...

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Added on December 14, 2012
Last Updated on December 14, 2012


Irvette Dauphine
Irvette Dauphine

i really like to read books!! and it would be awesome if i can write some story and be a great book writer.. in holiday and my free time i like to imagine stories and in my mood i like to write poems.. more..