prologue too

prologue too

A Chapter by Irvette Dauphine

the human side


The night before the first day of school is so weird, I woke up at 12 midnight! It doesn’t mean I’m sleep-walking. Yeah. I know, I’m a school candidate before. I usually stay awake and wake up at 12 Midnight, but this time, it’s so unusual.

What’s wrong? Is the darkness calling me?


In the morning..

I stepped my feet to the new school’s gate. Ah, I’m really lucky to be at here. When I was at 6th grade, I always want to study at here. Yes.

I wear my eye-glasses and then, I saw my friends. It such a long time, I didn’t see you guys.

Oh yeah! I forgot something!

My name is Annania Ammy. Call me Anna. Well uhm. Let me adjust my glasses first

I’m a 13 year old girl who likes Anime, Japanese cartoon. Now, I’m in the third grade of Junior High. Yeah. You can say that I’m young enough to pass this. Actually, I have a chance to live at international school for two years. Then, my father finished his job and came back here. I ever heard my friends at here. Will it be so magnificent?

“Ah! Hi Anna!”

“Hi guys!”

Well, the first time, I fell a little bit happy for myself when I introduce myself in front of the class. Luckily, I got a friend. My classmate. Plavinora Riannachie. Call her Puri.

“Let’s we go home together.” She said smiling. Okay, I’ll continue this story later.



Well, right now is night. I need to go to my bed, but let’s continue my story.

The first time, I can easily talk to them. But by the time passes, I can feel their hate atmosphere for me. I don’t know why!

Since I was a child, I always be like this.

Yeah, be patient. Just smile and you’ll end this by a year.

But why.. My eyes..

I’m crying?


Somebody is calling my name! I sweep away my tears. It’s.. So weird! I can hear somebody call me but I’m alone here.

“Who are you? Where are you??”

“It’s us”


“Oh come on.  It’s wasting time. By the way, will you be the new rabbit?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, get affected by a ghost then take it into your soul”

“WHAT? No! I don’t want it!”

“If that’s so, I’ll search another person. The risk is die, if they failed”


I just think in my heart, I don’t want to sacrifice them. I don’t want they die for me.

They hate me. They want me to go away. It’s good I think. If I dead, it’s same as go, but, I’ll never come back.

I don’t want them to suffer by the darkness. Let me do it

“No! Okay! Fine! You got me! But promise one thing!”


“Promise me that you’ll never affect other student like me!”


Then, I suddenly saw a paper, which I have to sign it with my own blood. I bite my right thumb and write my name.

Now, I’m affected. God, please forgive me.

© 2012 Irvette Dauphine

Author's Note

Irvette Dauphine
i hope you enjoy this one

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Added on December 14, 2012
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Irvette Dauphine
Irvette Dauphine

i really like to read books!! and it would be awesome if i can write some story and be a great book writer.. in holiday and my free time i like to imagine stories and in my mood i like to write poems.. more..