Two Wedding at Once

Two Wedding at Once

A Story by Irvette Dauphine

two wedding at one day, same place.


                Naruto and Hinata are still preparing for their special day, tomorrow is their wedding day. They are very busy until have no time to just chat together. So, at night Naruto want they have privacy time.

“Huft.. what a tiring day” said Naruto while walking to Hinata “how about we take dinner together, Hinata?” give his hand to Hinata

“O-okay” said Hinata and take Naruto’s hand

“Okay then” said Naruto, smile

                They eat their dinner at outside, where the table is already prepared by Naruto without knowing by Hinata. Hinata is shocked by Naruto’s surprise.

“The wind is friendly, we can see the stars, and we can enjoy our time” said Naruto smile to Hinata

“I-I can say anything” said Hinata.

“Just enjoy this, Hun” said Naruto. Suddenly he moved closer to Hinata and kisses her lip.

“W-what..” Hinata is blushed. Naruto put his finger to Hinata’s mouth to shut her up.

“Tomorrow is our special day, Hinata” said Naruto while brings Hinata to the table “you’re still shy like usual” he giggles and Hinata is just sits to her chair

                They eat their dinner while talking about their wedding, their plan, and everything. But, because Hinata is too nervous about tomorrow, Naruto cheers her up and talking many things that make Hinata forget about her scared.

“Hey, a falling star” said Hinata suddenly while pointing at the sky

“So, let’s we make a wish” said Naruto while looking at the sky where Hinata is pointing at

                They close their eyes and make a wish. They open their eyes and their eyes are meet each other.

“What is your wish?” ask Naruto, curiously

“I-I want to be with u always” said Hinata, shy

“We have same wish” said Naruto “oh, it’s late already. Lets we go inside and sleep” he gives his hand

“Yup..” Hinata takes Naruto’s hand

                They go to their own room (their room is still separate) and they sleep. They can’t sleep well because they can’t wait for tomorrow. Naruto is at outside, looking at outside while Hinata is at her bed, thinking about Naruto. They both still awake until midnight and hope the best for tomorrow and then they sleep.



At the morning

“Morning, Hinata” a maid is waking Hinata up “we need to prepare you for your great day”

“Okay” said Hinata while go off from her bed and the maid quickly preparing for Hinata’s bath

                At the same time

“Morning, Naruto” a servant is waking Naruto up “we need to prepare you for your great day”

“Sure” said Naruto and quickly go off from her bed

                They take a bath, and then Hinata is wearing her special dress while Naruto wear his special suit. They meet again at dining room with their friends.

“Here is Naruto” said Shikamaru when Naruto is arrived at dining room

“You look handsome Naruto” said Chouji

“I agree” said Ino

“He he.. Thank you” said Naruto, a little bit shy

“Heh.. That suits you, Naruto” said Sasuke

“Oh, Hinata is coming” said sSakura

“You’re very beautiful, Hinata” said Naruto

“Ah.. T-thank you” said Hinata, blushed

“sit down, and lets we start our breakfast” said Shikamaru

                They eat their breakfast while talking about Naruto and Hinata’s wedding and how envy they’re. Until it’s time to go to the church.

“It’s our time” said Naruto

“Hmmmmmmm....” said Hinata, she is nervous

                They go to the church together. On the way, Naruto is always saying anything that can make Hinata calm down and not nervous. At the wedding, everyone is come. The wedding id went fine.

“We’ll together forever”

“In happy or sad”

“In easy or difficult life”

“I’ll always be for her” said Naruto

“I’ll always be for him” said Hinata

And then they kissed while everyone is shouted to them “congratulation!”

                After the wedding, they go to the celebrate party. The party is held beside the church. Everyone is congratulate Naruto and Hinata and enjoying the party. But, one person is sits at a bench alone.

“Sakura is alone. I think she still thinking about Kakashi” said Hinata to Naruto

“Aaw.. Yea” said Naruto while looking at Sakura “her heart is still having wound”

“If I’m not mistaken Sakura ever loves Sasuke, right?” said Hinata while looking at Sasuke

“Oh, I understand what you mean” said Naruto while walking to Sasuke

“Hey, Naruto” said Sasuke “congratulation”

“Thanks. Oh btw, I need your help?” said Naruto while give his flower to Sasuke

“Hmmmm...? What is that??” ask Sasuke, take the flower

“Give this flower to Sakura and ask to her, is she want to marry you?” said Naruto

“Oh, come on.....” said Sasuke

“She loves you since she is young” said Naruto “remember?”

“Ah, yea..”

“And now, her heart is still having wound. Cause Kakashi was...”

“Yes, I know”

“So, what are you waiting for?” Naruto is push Sasuke

“Hmmmm.. Sakura?” said Sasuke while walking to Sakura

“Yes?” said Sakura

Sasuke give the flower to Sakura “will you marry me?”

“Ah..” Sakura is shocked cause Sasuke is suddenly said it to her “I don’t know..”

“You love me, I just realised it” said Sasuke, shy “so....”

“Yes, but it at the past” Sakura is blushed

“You don’t love me anymore?” Sasuke is down

“Aaah...” said Sakura hides her face “I do I still love you”

Everyone is shouted to them. Naruto is the first one who congratulate them. Sasuke and Sakura is married right after Sasuke is confess his feeling to Sakura. Two wedding at once. They happily ever after.

© 2012 Irvette Dauphine

Author's Note

Irvette Dauphine
this is a fanfic, this is about naruto
i just have the idea from them
hope u enjoy thins~

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OMG my two OTPs QAQ

I love this. Just add a tad more imagery ;)

Nice write

Posted 7 Years Ago

the story was good you had an idea of what you wanted to write but l would still want to in courage you to improve you grammar and be clear when it comes to your narrations.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I think a little more detail could go a long way especially because it is a fanfic. The story is nice though so keep working at it :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

wow, this is really awesome. i really LOVE it

Posted 7 Years Ago

I seriously LOVE fanfics. haha, love Naruto, too.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Ah. well it was a great read.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Irvette Dauphine

7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Your welcome.
Keep up the good work

Posted 7 Years Ago

Irvette Dauphine

7 Years Ago

I love NaruHina :D
Did you read the latest chapter? If NaruHina doesn't officially happen after that, then Kishimoto's a troll

Anyway, awesome story, I usually don't read fanfictions but since it's Naruto, of course I enjoyed it :D

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Sakura should be with... Shino. Just for the randomness of it :P
Irvette Dauphine

7 Years Ago

haha.. shino is with ino ;)

7 Years Ago

Tenten and Choji :D

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Irvette Dauphine
Irvette Dauphine

i really like to read books!! and it would be awesome if i can write some story and be a great book writer.. in holiday and my free time i like to imagine stories and in my mood i like to write poems.. more..


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