The Cloud and the Rainbow

The Cloud and the Rainbow

A Story by RubixKube

There once lived a gleaming rainbow, all seven of his colours shining as brightly as gold. He loved to flourish within his many colours, and loved the attention people paid to him for it. Very nearby, there lived a small, white cloud. The cloud was soft, fluffy and serene, but colourless and bland. Although he enjoyed people as much as the rainbow, unfortunately he was not confident enough to be so colourful.


The rainbow looked at the cloud one day, and laughed his glittery laugh. “You are so dull,” he said to the cloud. “Why do you just float there without saying or doing a single thing? And why do you remain so white when you could be any colour you wish, like me?”


The cloud turned his gloomy eyes to the rainbow. “Why should I?” he asked.


“See here,” replied the rainbow, smugly. “When people down below look up at me, they look in awe. They say, ‘Oh look, a rainbow. Look how bright and colourful it is!’ They take photographs, paint pictures, tell their friends about me and gain great joy from my presence. You, on the other hand, merely bring gloom to people’s minds. They say ‘Oh why is that cloud here blocking our sun? Is it going to rain? See how cold it has become all of a sudden because of that cloud.’ Now, I know you cloud. You are just as kind and selfless as I am. But if you shone with great colours like me, people will see these qualities a whole lot more.”


The rainbow finished and, thinking the cloud had nothing to reply, he turned to the people below him and shone on them. They stared in wonder and pointed and smiled. But they ignored the cloud, who wanted to bring just as much joy and get just as much love in return.


Then, the cloud noticed a family picnic on the next hill. Unlike the people the rainbow was pleasing, this family were sweating, struggling to breathe under the intense heat of the sun, and their skin was beginning to burn a hot red and peel off in large white chunks.


Taking pity, and realising what he could do, the cloud raced over and sat over the sweating group of people. He covered the blinding, burning rays of the sun and provided a cool, peaceful shade over the sufferers. Very soon, they stopped sweating; they relaxed and felt cool once again. And their skin was not damaged. And they thanked the cloud.


“So you see, rainbow,” said the cloud, “I may not be as garish, as colourful, or as eye-catching as you are. I may look bland, I may not be noticeable and I may not seem like the sort to achieve what you achieve. But I, like everyone, can provide some good in the world, even if they do not seek it from me.”

© 2011 RubixKube

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F**k. That's brilliant. Favorite.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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