The Box

The Box

A Poem by PoemsbyPatrick

When the world surrounds and crushes me, I turn my love to you.

The box strives to contain me,
It comes in many forms.
The list of tasks to be complete,
The schedule of the day.
The expectations of others,
That try to set my way.
The doubts that from my mind,
Limit the vision of my eyes.
The hollow empty feeling,
That separates my love.

The walls at first are far away,
To hide their full intent.
Gently set in motion,
The spiral of discontent.
The force that seeks to cage me,
And bind the will that's free.
The confinement to the norm,
Turning colors flat and grey.
Hollow out my heart,
To separate me from my love.

I fight the walls, the cage, the box,
With every ounce of strength.
To free my mind, unbind my soul,
I struggle with the dark.
I alone cannot defend,
And fall into the my jail.
Knowing that the only hope,
Is reaching for my love.

Left alone the box will sure consume me,
The darkness drown my soul.
My only hope lies in your arms,
And in your love which sustains me.
Together we are stronger,
Than the darkness could ever be.
I give love and strength to you,
And you return the same to me.
The completeness of our love and fullness of our souls,
Together defeat the darkness and the box shall be no more.

© 2013 PoemsbyPatrick

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"Together we are stronger than the darkness could ever be." This was gorgeous, and ringing with truth. I truly have nothing but praise for you. I cannot see anything that would benefit from change. It is a curious feeling, the way love can keep us afloat. Bravo. Your words are heartfelt and moving. Keep on writing.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on September 14, 2013
Last Updated on September 14, 2013
Tags: poetry, love, dread




These writings express my feelings. If you love them, I feel blessed. If they bother you, I am sorry. They are my feelings and I offer them to you as they are. While all of my writing is a glimpse .. more..