All These Good People

All These Good People

A Poem by Madeleine Celeste

This is part poem, part surrender, part wholesome rant about the good people in this world for the sake of getting it out. Every stanza is a new person!

Let me just start by saying
That the world, as of right now, is a pretty terrible place.
We've got corruption, collusion,
And so many other yugely awful things. Believe me.

But my world,
Which is just another one of millions that exist
Is pretty okay.
It's getting bigger daily-
But it's nothing I do,
It's the good people in it.
These good people.

They are my second-oldest friend
And they put up with me (just as much as I put up with them)
Drinking sand, discovering hidden bags in the forest,
Filming videos and laughing and going to Sears 
It's been an amazing 10 years to spend
With someone so good.

She is someone I didn't know too well
But it should be stated as a fact
That she is a ray of sunshine.
She always gives more than she takes
And she makes the best pastries on the face of the Earth.
She pretty much is goodness.

I learned to like him well enough
But he's a lot nicer and funnier than he seemed
And I'd say since I've known him
I've definitely grown as a person
(even though he's still pushing 5'1)
But he reminds me of good things.

She is, by all means, a lunatic.
She has no boundaries, no limitations,
And the things that always scared me about her are the very things that will 
Get her all to the places she dreams to be
She's been there for me for so long
And because of her, I have been changed for good.

I can guarantee that the first time I met him, my life changed.
Whether I knew it or not right then.
I got to know him without really knowing him or seeing him
But I knew he was brave, and that he was smart and driven and selfless and wonderful
I knew that he was a good person-
But I never knew he would teach me to believe in good people again.

She and I used to not be on good terms
Which was entirely my fault
But she was a little crazy and I was a little lonely
And so we became close
And she moved away and I do miss her
But while she's gone I'm reminded of 
How good our childhoods were because of each other.

She and I were kind of squished together by fate
And I had known she existed 
But I also knew she was talented at... pretty much everything
And really pretty too
So I met her, all ready to be upstaged
And... we essentially became best friends.
She's still good at everything.

I first met her and immediately hoped she was the kind of person
That I learned she was-
She looked quiet, and pretty, and demure,
But from the second she opened her mouth I just knew
That she would not hesitate to smack someone
That she was fierce and I wanted so, so badly to be her friend
And I am, I guess, which is good

She scares the living daylights out of me
But simultaneously I wish I was like her.
It might make my life easier.
I don't know where we're at,
But she's nice to me and I'm nice to her,
And I think she's one of the coolest people ever.

And I know so many amazing people that I could write a million poems about each
But heaven knows nobody wants to read something that long.

And this isn't even a poem, 
Let alone a great poem,
But what it is-
And I hate to tie it in like this-
Is good.
Good enough,
But good.

© 2018 Madeleine Celeste

Author's Note

Madeleine Celeste
it is the Night and that is when I get Sentimental so have the Fancy Words

but seriously I do love all of these people so much

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This poem is so sweet, I now am dying to know who each stanza is about. I know who it is for at least two, maybe three of them.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Madeleine Celeste

5 Years Ago

4. You're 4.
Wow Maddie there is no other way to say this coming form me so here it is, that is butiful. You know I don’t say crap like that very often, but wow, I’m in tears, it’s honest and i’ve Known you from the first day of elementary school and we didn’t really get a long until basically this year, and this is why I changed my mind about you, pieces like this really touch someone where it counts. Keep doing what you do.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Madeleine Celeste
Madeleine Celeste

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